Sunday, July 31, 2005

July 2005 in Review

What a month July was. Alot of comings and goings and alot of happenings in between. Below are just a few of the highlights:

> Rick Iler Heading to Phoenix

> KTHV's New Set and Graphics

> Jason Friedman Leaves KARK

> Got 7? KATV Hocks Merchandise Online

> Pete Thompson is New Reporter for KARK

> KSLA.COM Voted Best Television News Website in Louisiana

> KTAL Gets New Trouble Shooter

> LR TV Anchors Want Plastic Surgery Budget in Wake of HDTV

> THV Begins Online News Update

> NWA Sports Director Canned

> Who is Leaving KATV? We still don't know what to believe here.

> Todd Yakoubian is New KATV Met

> KTHV Introduces

And we end the month like we started it, with the announcement another KARK'er is leaving: KARK Weekend Sports Anchor Joe Pequeno heading to Phoenix.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

KARK Sports Anchor on the Move

Rick Iler will not be the only former KARK staffer to go to work in Phoenix. TV Spy is reporting KARK Weekend Sports Anchor Joe Pequeno is moving to Phoenix to report and anchor sports for KPNX. Iler left KARK for a job at KPHO.

Anchor Go Round Saturday

> Lane Stone is at the anchor desk at KTAL NewsChannel 6. Anybody know if KTAL is close to having a regular weekend anchor?

> Barry Brandt is manning the KATV weather desk. Shouldn't be long now until we see the new MET on the air.

KTHV Anchor Trying to Get in Routine with Expanded Family

KTHV morning personality Robyn Richardson makes the latest entry in the THV Blog. Richardson blogs, "I'm back at home trying to get settled into somewhat of a routine with three children. It's a challenge taking care of a new baby and spending plenty of time with Olivia and Lowery."

If you've not yet checked out the pics of the newest addition of the Richardson family, you can do so HERE.

KTBS Celebrates 50 Years of Broadcasting

KTBS, Channel 3 is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. KTBS signed on the air on September 3, 1955. KTBS is locally owned and operated by the Wray family of Shreveport, and is one of the few locally owned and operated stations in the country.

According to Wikipedia, as of 2005 KTBS has the largest news staff in the Ark-La-Tex area, with newsrooms in three states: Shreveport, Louisiana; Texarkana, Arkansas and Marshall, Texas.

In March, Channel 3 Louisiana Association of Broadcasters selected KTBS 3 as its Station of the Year for 2004.

To help celebrate the station is giving away a trip to Hawaii. I am sure many other plans are in the works as well.

Friday, July 29, 2005

What LR Station Has the Best Website?

The results of the poll are in and here are the results: KTHV received 77 votes OR 45.8% of the votes; KARK received 46 votes or 27.4% of the votes; KATV received 34 votes or 20.2% of the vote AND KLRT got 11 votes or 6.5%.

NWA May Ratings Numbers

Arkansas has posted the May Nielson numbers for Northwest Arkansas. Below are the highlights from the article:

> KHBS+ had an 11 rating at 6 p.m., compared to eight for KFSM. The area’s two leading stations were tied for the 5 p.m. news slot, each with a rating of nine. But KFSM held onto its lead during the 10 p.m. news slot with a 10 rating, compared to nine for KHBS+.

The article says the numbers for KNWA were not released by the other stations due to KNWA not subscribing to Nielson. does say, "KNWA had consistently posted Nielsen ratings in the lower single digits."

Read the full article HERE.

Additional: On a side note, Arkansas Business reports KHBS/KHOG, Channels 40/29, plans to expand its morning news coverage by 30 minutes beginning Aug. 8.

KAIT One of the Top Nationally In ABC Programming

Arkansas is reporting Jonesboro ABC affiliate KAIT is second nationally in ABC network programming. The article says,"Following the May television ratings book by Nielsen Media Inc. of New York, the network broke down local performance of its primetime programming by market size. That means the large markets that fall in the top 50 were ranked, followed by those medium affiliates ranked 51 through 100, and rounded out by those 101 and beyond — making three categories. Within those three categories, stations are ranked according to the May book in seven areas that break down network programming based on ABC’s “priority programs.”

Jonesboro falls into the 101-plus group and secured a No. 2 overall ranking within that category, following only the Wausau-Rhinelander, Wis., affiliate WAOW-TV, Channel 9. "

KAIT GM Dan Fortenberry told Arkansas, "“I don’t think people realize what a strong affiliate we have right here in northeast Arkansas,” Fortenberry said. “In the past, we’ve been the No. 1-ranked affiliate, but slipped just a little bit this time around. We’re happy to be recognized as being placed among the best in the country in our market.”

And just how do the other ABC affiliates rank? According to the article,"Fort Smith’s KHBS-TV, Channel 40, which was ranked in the same 101-plus category as Jonesboro, finished in a three-way tie for No. 8 alongside KIII-TV, Channel 3, in Corpus Christi, Texas, and KTXS-TV, Channel 12, in Abilene-Sweetwater, Texas. Falling into the 51-100 market, KATV-TV, Channel 7, was ranked No. 21, sandwiched between KITV-TV, Channel 4, in Honolulu and WTEN-TV, Channel 10, in Albany-Schenectady, N.Y."

You'll find the complete article HERE.

Where Are They Now

Today we put a former KAIT anchor/ reporter in the spotlight.

Tracey Amick was the Morning and Mid-day News Anchor for KAIT from 2002-2004.

What's she doing now? Amick is a reporter at WCSC, Live 5 News in Charleston, South Carolina.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Where Are They Now

Today we feature Asha Blake.

Most recently, Asha hosted two syndicated series: "Smart Gardening" on PBS and "Life Moments."

Asha also has co-hosted the national news programs "Later Today" on NBC, and "World News Now," "World News this Morning," and "Good Morning America Sunday" on ABC. She also reported for "World News Tonight with Peter Jennings" on ABC.

Asha also worked as an anchor at KNBC in Los Angeles; as an anchor at WDIV in Detroit; as a reporter at KARE in Minneapolis; as an anchor/reporter at KTHV in Little Rock; and she started her television journalism career in Colorado, at KJCT in Grand Junction.

What's Asha doing now? She is co-anchor of KWGN (Denver/Greenwood Village,Colorado), WB2 News at 9:00 pm.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just Something That Makes Ya Go Hmmmm.....

This from an e-mailer:

Which numbers are correct?

A few weeks ago someone mentioned KATV padded the number of times they claimed a story on their website was veiwed.

On the homepage it says this under most requested stories.

Stranger Danger Part II: Prevent Child Abduction
read 1036 times

But on the "Job Center page" it says:

Stranger Danger Part II: Prevent Child Abduction
read 263 times

So which number is correct. Is KATV "enhancing" their numbers. Is this on par with newspapers inflating circulation numbers? It would be if KATV was actually making money on the web.

Where Are They Now

Today we feature former KATV reporter Beejal Patel.

She grew up in Chicago, and graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Political Science and Journalism. She’s worked at television stations in Lansing, Michigan; Lubbock, Texas; and Little Rock.

What's she doing now? After leaving KATV in late 2004, she found a home at New England Cable News, where she is a morning reporter for the network.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

KATV Holding eBay Charity Auction

Bidding started today on eBay for an Everlast boxing glove signed by World Middleweight Champion and Arkansas native Jermain Taylor. KATV is conducting the auction. The item description says, "The Razorback red, professional glove was provided by North Little Rock’s Sports Authority and was signed by the champ on the day of his welcome home parade in downtown Little Rock."

The winner of the auction will also get a DVD of Channel 7's weeklong coverage from Las Vegas of the championship bout with Bernard Hopkins.

All proceeds from this auction are to benefit the Little Rock Boys and Girls Club.

And Now Contestant Number 4........

Remember former KATV anchor Krista Platzer? Well she is one of 5 finalists in an American Idol anchor pick contest, all vying for a permanent spot at the anchor desk at WFXR/WJPR, Fox 21/27 in Roanoke, Virginia. The article jokes," There won't be a bathing suit competition or a tiara." The article says Platzer hails from Global Television in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. An e-mailer wonders, " Why she doesn't list KATV?"

Platzer was canned at KATV in 2004 after only months at the station.

Read the complete article HERE.

Where Are They Now

Today we put Dave Woodman in the spotlight.

Dave Woodman is familiar to many throughout Arkansas as a longtime broadcast journalist. He has covered sports and news for 44 years, 30 of them for Little Rock television stations.

What's he doing now? He is a writer. That's right! He writes about a wide range of topics for The Spirit.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

LR TV Personalites Put in the Hot Seat

Little Rock TV stations were well represented in the 7th Annual Celebrity Race at the I-30 Speedway Saturday night. Coming in 1st was #15, Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee; 2nd- #82 Dana Bradley; 3rd- #7 Christina Munoz; 4th- #10 Liz Massey; 5th- #6 Nora Wells,; 6th- #5j Jancey Sheats; 7th- #91k Melissa Dunbar and 8th place, #7 Anne Pressley

Anchor Go Round Sunday

> KTAL weekday anchor Shawn Patrick is manning the newsdesk.

> Ned Perme is once again manning the KATV Weather Center

KTHV Introduces

Look what the KTHV webteam has quietly rolled out. It's THVtogo. The new feature allows you to get THV news and weather via your wireless phone. Seems like THV is rolling out a new web feature everyweek. Next I would like to see online streaming of newscasts and see the newscasts archived online.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jack Stephens Dies: A Website Roundup

Today' seems to be a step or two ahead of all the other Little Rock stations in reporting the news Jack Stephens passed away Saturday afternoon., and does not have anything on the Little Rock businessman's death. HERE's a link to Today''s story. All stations did have stories about Stephens' death on their Saturday evening news.

UPDATE: 6:22pm now has a story up. ALSO want to mention, the story on THV's website has a timestamp of 4:01pm.

UPDATE: 10:22pm now has a story up. It just has been posted within the last two hours.

Anchor Go Round Saturday

> KTAL weekday anchor Lane Stone is covering the news desk as the station still has not found a permanant weekend news anchor.

> Over at KATV, Ned Perme is manning the weather center.

KTAL Comes Under Fire From School District

Source: KTAL, NewsChannel 6 came under fire from the Texarkana Independent School District for in other words sensationalizing and creating a story out of nothing.

KTAL ran a story about how a new principal at Dunbar Elementary School in Texarkana took the teachers on a scavenger hunt "to help teachers better understand the kids they would be teaching." And when KTAL asked for a response from the TISD, they had this to say:

"Texarkana ISD finds it unfortunate that KTAL has chosen to create a story in an effort to sensationalize and misrepresent the positive intentions of a group of educators attempting to better understand the children and the community they serve.

It is always with regret that we see members of the media and their leadership ignore the abundance of positive stories that are available on a daily basis that could highlight the successes of our children and the committed educators that serve them.

KTAL`s actions and choices surrounding this attempt to attract more viewers only reinforces our outstanding partnership with Cable One."

That message was presented by District Spokesperson Barbara Lewis.

Read the complete story HERE.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Just An Observation.....

I noticed this earlier in the evening BUT just thought it was only temporary and didn't think anymore of it. BUT it seems it's been a continuous thing. Severe storms have been making their way across the eastern part of Arkansas and KTHV seems to be the only Little Rock station with its map up in the lower left indicating the counties with the warnings. OK now as of 9:36pm, KARK has stuck up its severe weather map in the lower left. Nothing on KATV. Additional: It seems KARK has been taking down the alert map during commercials...could explain why I may not have seen it earlier.

UPDATE: 10:55pm Severe Thunderstorm warning has been issued for Pulaski County AND NO indication of it on KATV. KARK and KTHV have both ran crawls and have up the graphic in the lower left.

UPDATE: 10:57pm Looks as though KATV's alert system may be on the blink as the graphic was just stuck we go..storm alert finally picked it up.

New Poll

I know I am opening up a new can of worms here BUT since the topic has been about websites lately, let's have your input on what Little Rock TV station has the best website. The poll will remain active for 1 week.

JT Rally Coverage

KTHV and KARK carried the rally LIVE. KATV stuck with All My Children. Now the question is, will KTHV and KARK break away for soap operas?

UPDATE: 12:25pm Hey look at that, KATV interrupted AMC for part of the rally. I bet AMC fans are flooding the phone lines at KATV.

UPDATE: 12:31pm KTHV and KARK sticks with rally coverage. KATV still carrying the ceremony also.

UPDATE: 12:41pm KARK was the first to breakaway and go to Days of our Lives, in progress. KATV and KTHV were moments behind in breaking away back to soap operas.

Additional:12:45pm The KTHV webcast continues anchored by Craig O'Neill. O'Neill is going behind the scenes and getting interviews with JT and others.

UPDATE: 12:48pm The Today's webcast has wrapped up.

Where Are They Now

Today we feature former KTHV Anchor/Reporter Dawn Scott.

Scott left KTHV in 2002 for KIRO 7 Eyewitness News in Seattle. Scott previously worked as a reporter and weekend anchor at KCAU in Sioux City, Iowa. She also worked at WBBM in Chicago and was a freelance writer for the Arkansas Times.

Dawn has won numerous Associated Press and Community Awards for her investigative reporting and anchoring.

Dawn graduated from Northwestern University.

What's Dawn doing now? She is a pharmaceutical rep in Seattle,while her husband finishes residency.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's Another Live Stream Event for Today's

Have I mentioned how I think KTHV is leading the pack when it comes to online video on its website? I think I might have a time or two. Anyway, Today's is planning on 'Live Streaming' the rally to honor Jermain Taylor. A parade honoring Jermain Taylor will be held on Friday, July 22 at 11 a.m. A special program will be held at Riverfront Ampitheater in honor of Taylor and starts at 11:45 and runs till 12:30. Today's THV will begin live parade and rally coverage on at 11:45 Friday. If you need more info, you'll find it HERE.


From the tip box: Todd Yakoubian is the new weekend met for KATV. Yakoubian comes to KATV from WRCB, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Yakoubian fills the vacancy left open when Devon Lucie left for Las Vegas last month. HERE's his bio at

And here's a shocker: E-mails to KATV in the last couple of days have gone unanswered. Imagine that!

Where Are They Now

John Patrick is in the the 'Where are they now' spotlight.

Patrick has worked (two different times) at WJAC-TV in Johnstown, PA, WRNN-TV in New York, NY and KNWA in Northwest Arkansas.

What's John doing now? He is the weekday morning meteorologist at WZVN in Fort Myers, Florida.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

THV at 10: One on One with Win Rockefeller

Today's THV is promoting Anne Jansen's 'One-on-One with Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller' scheduled to air tonight. After dropping out of the race for governor, Rockefeller sat down with THV's Anne Jansen in what is being billed as a "candid conversation", will air tonight during the 'THV 10 o'clock Difference'. Rockefeller announced yesterday he was dropping out of the governor's race to seek treatment for a blood disease.

UPDATE: 07/21 Did you miss the conversation with the Lt. Governor last night? has text of the conversation AND video. You'll find both HERE.

Where Are They Now

Today Lori Tucker is in the spotlight.

Tucker worked for KATV as a General Assignment Reporter; KMOL-TV, San Antonio, TX as a Weeknight Anchor and KHTV-TV, Houston, TX as Weeknight Anchor. Tucker attended Arkansas State University and University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

What's Tucker doing now? Tucker joined WATE, in Knoxville, Tennessee in June 1993. She currently is
anchor of the 6pm and 11pm news.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Who's Flying the Coop?

Who is leaving KATV? On its website, KATV has posted an opening for a news anchor. I wonder who has given their 2 weeks notice?

UPDATE: This from Medialine's Open Line: "Inside information says the job is not actually open. It was filled months ago and this post is only for EEO reasons. Go figure."

Isn't that against the law?

NWA Sports Director Canned

Word is KHBS/KHOG Sports Director Aaron Peters has been fired. One blog reader thinks,"Their second-most-senior sports guy, Derek Burleson, isn't a candidate, I'm guessing, because he blurted out "Goddamnit!" live during a remote a couple of years ago."

The station isn't wasting anytime advertising for the job. It has listed the position on

Where Are They Now

Julie Mayberry is our focus today.

Julie co-hosted KATV's DayBreak, the top-rated morning show in Arkansas from 1996 to 2001, along with Matt Mosler.

What's she doing now? Julie is a television spokesperson for the Frank Fletcher group of companies in Arkansas and Terry’s Furniture chain in Texas. She is often asked to speak at churches, schools and civic organizations. In addition to The Spirit, since 2000, the couple also published The East Ender, a monthly newspaper for the community of 5,600 in which they live.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Just wanted to let ya'll know your's truley, DCG, will be on this week's edition of Subject2Discussion talking about my CNN blog, CNN and cable news. Subject2Discussion airs LIVE Wednesday at 6pm PST, 8pm CST and 9pm EST on Once at LVROCKS click on LISTEN and to join in the chatroom click on CAM/CHAT. The blog is . If you miss the program it will be archived at Spankwagon.

THV Begins Online News Update

THV is once again proving it's the leader when it comes to online content. now features a 'THV Video Webcast News Update'. The webpage doesn't say how often it's updated BUT it does say it's updated Monday through Friday. The webcast news update like all THV online video uses Microsoft Media Player. Check it out for yourself HERE.

Nexstar and Cable Ops Face Off

Looks like we have not even seen the beginning of Nexstar's fight to make cable operators pay to re-broadcast its station's signals. In an article in USA Today, Nexstar Chief Operating Officer Duane Lammers says, ""We're going to a subscription-based world. Why shouldn't we be paid for content just like everybody else?"

The article says, "Most of the cash demands this year will likely come from non-network owners of affiliates. Early this year, Cable One and Cox Communications had to drop six ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates in towns such as Shreveport, La.; Abilene, Texas; and Joplin, Mo. The cable firms rejected demands from the stations' parent, Nexstar, for a per-subscriber fee of 30 cents a month for each channel."

The article continues," Both sides are making the most of the skirmish. Nexstar commercials urge viewers to defect to satellite. Cox and Cable One gave away antennas and switches so customers can toggle between cable and over-the-air services. Nielsen ratings show an audience drop of up to 50% for Nexstar stations, Multichannel News reported. Nexstar's Lammers disputes that and contends the cable systems lost up to 20% of their subscribers to satellite. The cable companies say the figure is lower. "

Programming Chief for Time Warner Cable Fred Dressler says, "Even Time Warner is facing cash demands from Nexstar and Sinclair in larger cities such as Kansas City and Minneapolis. "We have intention to remove our stations in all markets if we have to," says Lammers of Nexstar, which owns or operates 46 TV stations in 27 markets.

Dressler retorts, "If they are hellbent on getting cash, then we are hellbent on disaster."

Read the complete article HERE.

Nexstar is the parent company of KARK and KTAL.

LR TV Anchors Want Plastic Surgery Budget in Wake of HDTV

I will admit I read this article yesterday in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and totally missed the part where Little Rock was mentioned in it BUT apparently with the onset of HDTV, anchors at one Little Network affiliate are wanting plastic surgery to be included in the station's budget. Below is the part that mentions Little Rock:
"I can certainly understand the concern because it is so clear," said Reg Griffin, vice president of communication for Comcast Cable, which provides cable television to 700,000 customers in metro Atlanta. "If there's someone out there concerned about that, whether it is a newscaster or an actor, I think that concern is valid."

Griffin said one Little Rock network affiliate got a request from the on-air staff to include a budget for plastic surgery and dermabrasion along with the cash for hi-def cameras.
For example of what a Hi-def news program looks like, tune into Showbiz Tonight on CNN/Headline News at 6pm CDT.

You'll find the complete article HERE. (free registration required)

Where Are They Now

Today we feature Bob Stokes

As a youth, Bob became interested in weather while watching the weathercasts on Little Rock television. He graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a B.A. in Radio, Television and Film, and holds a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Bob began his weathercaster career at KFSM-TV in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Afterwards, he joined KARK-TV in Little Rock. The next step in his career was Monterey, California, after which, Bob worked as the outdoor weathercaster for WROC-TV in Rochester, New York. Moving Southward, he joined WTVF-TV in Nashville, and worked for WREG-TV in Memphis, Tennessee.

What's Bob doing now? Bob has been an On-Camera Meteorologist with The Weather Channel since June 1996.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Anchor Go Round Sunday

> Christina Muñoz covered the news desk at KATV Sunday. Barry Brandt once again manned the weather center.

> KTAL continues to utilize its main weekday anchors to man the news desk. Shawn Patrick was in the anchor chair Sunday.

Coverage of the Big Fight: LR Stations Barely Cover Outcome

Kudos to KTHV as it was the ONLY Little Rock TV station to update its website with the news Jermain Taylor is the new Middleweight Champion Of The World. KARK's and KATV's website was not updated with the news. I was for certain the Little Rock stations would have even announced the news on the air with at the very least a crawl at the bottom of the screen. Looks like they will wait and report it as history later today.

UPDATE: 07/17 11:45am As of this posting has an AP story on the fight and is still running the pre-fight story.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Anchor Go Round Saturday

> Kate Sullivan was at the KATV news desk and Barry Brandt in the weather center. ALSO Steve Sullivan is in covering the sports desk since Justin Acri is in Vegas covering the fight.

Just a side note: Word has it KATV has hired a new weekend weather "Met' and will begin work in mid-August. Anybody know the new guy's name? Either leave in comments section or use the anonymous tip box.

> Lane Stone anchored the news Saturday for KTAL as the station looks for a weekend anchor.

KTBS Doing its Part for St. Judes

KTBS, Channel 3 is once again a co-sponsor of the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. The home is valued at $250,000 and located in Kingston Plantation.

According to, Jan Elkins, Rick Rowe and the KTBS 3 News Team will be at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Tuesday for their annual visit. A half hour program is also set for Tuesday from the hospital in Memphis.

Winners for the KTBS 3/St. Jude Dream Home giveaway and other prizes will be drawn during the KTBS 3/St. Jude television special in August.

KTAL Gets New Trouble Shooter

KTAL, News Channel 6 has hired a new "Trouble Shooter". According to promos currently airing, Alexis Wiley has joined the KTAL crew in the capacity that was held by Rich DeMuro. According to KTAL's bio page Demuro is now an anchor.

UPDATE: A producer at KTAL tells ATN, " Rich Demuro has moved to Los Angeles to work for Channel One. It was a longtime goal of his....quite an accomplishment."

ALSO the producer provided ATN with a little background info on Alexis Wiley: " Alexis comes to us from Northwestern University of Evanston/Chicago. She did work with a couple television stations in that market."

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Reporter Now on Air at KATV

Ok caught the tail end of a report from new KATV reporter Leland Vittert during I believe it was the 6pm newscast. Is this his first day on the air or have I missed seeing him before? And as I type this he is filing a report about the raid on illegal gaming operations in Pine Bluff. Also noticed KARK sent its newest reporter Pete Thompson to cover the same story. BTW, no bio on for Vittert.

Off Topic Comments Post.

This shall serve as the ONLY off-topic post for the blog.

Covering the Big Fight

Looks like the Little Rock TV stations are pulling out all the stops to cover the BIG FIGHT between Little Rock native Jermain Taylor Bernard Hopkins. I know KATV has a crew in Vegas. Pam Smith and Justin Acri broadcasted live Thursday night from vegas.

KTHV has posted video of an interview Craig O'Neill did with Taylor. It also has bios of the two boxers and other stats. On other LR station websites, info about the fight was scarce or non-existant.

UPDATE: KARK AND KTHV have crews in Sin City to cover the fight also. Not sure at this point WHO they sent. Will post that as I learn that.

UPDATE: ATN has been learned: "Mark Rushing has been in Vegas all week for KARK 4."

UPDATE: Mark Edwards is LIVE in Sin City covering the story for KTHV. ALSO noticed this evening where Pam Smith and Justin Acri hosted an hour special about the upcoming fight.

Dance Contest has a Winner; Posts Video

Last post I swear about the Dancin' on Daybreak contest. Actually I have felt more like a KATV PR machine than a blogger this week. ANYWAY, it looks as though Little Rock Police Officer Cassandra Davis is the winner. And $1000 will be going to her charity of choice,the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. AND there is a nice surprise added to the Dancin' on Daybreak page. For folks who couldn't stomach watching on tv, you can watch the video online. At least KATV is beginning to be innovative with the website.

O yea, there's a new contest waiting in the wings for Daybreak. What is it: The Kutest Kidz Photo Contest.

Where Are They Now

Former KTAL, News Channel 6 anchor Dale Hoffman is in the spotlight today.

He has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of broadcast news and has worked for stations in large and small markets across the country.

Dale was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Aerospace Studies from Oklahoma State University. He also earned an Officers commission in the Air Force, and after attending flight training in California, he started his broadcast career as a news photograher in Ohio.

Hoffman was one of several who got the axe in early 2001 by Nextstar, the then new owners of KTAL.

What's Hoffman doing now? Hoffman is the KALB-TV, NewsChannel 5 six and ten o'clock co-anchor.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Was That Who I Thought It Was?

A familiar face popped up on 'Channel 7 Nightside' Thursday night. Former KATV Weekend Met Devon Lucie popped up on the tv screen as Pam Smith broadcasted live from Las Vegas. Apparently Pam and Justin Acri are in Vegas to cover the Bernard Hopkins-Jermain Taylor fight this weekend.

Lucie left KATV at the beginning of June for KVVU, FOX 5 in Las Vegas.

Gannett Earnings Fall on TV Slowdown

Source: Gannett Press Release Gannett reports a 4.5 percent drop in quarterly profits, as revenue at its broadcast division fell.

In the second quarter, broadcasting revenues declined 6.9 percent to $197.9 million from $212.5 million in the same quarter in 2004. Broadcasting operating cash flow fell 13.3 percent to $98.7 million from $113.8 million in the corresponding interval in 2004.

Total operating revenues for the company were $1.94 billion for the second quarter compared to $1.87 billion for the same period last year, a 3.4 percent increase. Operating cash flow (defined as operating income plus depreciation and amortization) was $634.3 million compared with $638.5 million for the same quarter a year ago. Net income was $338.6 million versus $354.4 million in 2004’s second quarter.

Read complete second quarter results HERE.

Gannett is the parent company of KTHV.

The Great Daybreak Dance Off

And the winner is................. Well we don't know yet BUT the Daybreak dance contest winner will be announced Friday morning. Still in the running are: Mrs. Arkansas Jill Cady; Little Rock Police Officer Cassandra Davis and former KATV reporter Gina Martin. According to, "the winning celebrity will win $1,000 for the charity of their choice." Below is a pic of the dancers.

Where Are They Now

Today we feature Cary Martin.

Martin was an anchor for KATV from 20000 - 2005. From 1997-99, Martin worked at WCMH-TV at Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Tennessee.

Martin came back from vacation in August 2004 and found out he had been layed off.

What's Martin doing now? He and his wife, Gina own and operate Little Rock Tours.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Where Are They Now

Today we feature Lucy Himstedt Riley.

Riley worked at KAIT in Jonesboro as news director and KTHV, a CBS affiliate in Little Rock, from 1979 to 1990 before joining WSFA. At KTHV, she had many different jobs, from reporter to producer.

Riley told students they probably would remember the shootings at Westside Middle School forever.

Riley has also served as news director at WSFA-TV News 12 in Montgomery, Alabama.

What's she doing now? Lucy has been the general manager of 14 WFIE in Evansville, Indiana, since 1999.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Got a news tip? To share it all you have to do is e-mail me at OR use the anonymous tip box.

BREAKING NEWS: ALMA Relocates to NE Arkansas

Read this story from and figure what's wrong:

Authorities in northeast Arkansas are warning people against spreading false rumors concerning a well publicized missing girl.

Six-year-old Morgan Nick disappeared ten years ago from an Alma ballpark.

Police are now saying someone has been spreading rumors that the child has been found.

Police say that is not true and the case is still open.

1:15pm Seems the story has now been edited with the reference to NE Arkansas taken out.

Where Are They Now

Today we feature former KATV anchor Chris May.

Chris has covered a wide variety of stories including the Whitewater investigation, the 1996 Republican National Convention, the Olympic park bombing in Atlanta, and the tragic plane crash that claimed the life of John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Caroline, and sister in law Lauren Bessette.

His reporting duties have twice led overseas, and on three occasions Chris has been nominated for Emmy Awards. He was also awarded two Associated Press Awards.

Chris left KATV in 1998.

What's Chris doing now? Chris is an anchor of the early evening newscasts ( (M-F; 4PM, 4:30PM, and 5PM ET) and General Assignment Reporter at WHDH in Boston, Mass. You can watch WHDH's newscasts LIVE on the net HERE.

Monday, July 11, 2005

KATV in HOT Water with DeWitt Residents

Boy did KATV get this one WRONG! Arkansas Business reports KATV scared the crap out of Dewitt residents over a story in which KATV reported a local manufacturer was making a drastic cut in its workforce. Arkansas Business says KATV started the story out this way:

“Employees of a boot company in Arkansas receive some bad news today as a DeWitt plant announces major layoffs.”

Arkansas Business says the exact opposite is going to happen:
"As it turns out, the news is exactly the opposite, with workers in Illinois expected to get the axe in August and additional jobs eventually moving south to DeWitt."

The local manufacturer referred to in the story is the Belleville Shoe plant based in Belleville, Ill., with operations in DeWitt.

Read the complete article HERE.

Dancin' on Daybreak

What can I say? Didn't get up early enough to see the dancin' this morning BUT the voting page is up at I was surprised to see former KATV'er Gina Martin on the dancin' list. Anyway the others are: Dr. David A. Lipschitz, Little Rock Police Officer Cassandra Davis, Mrs Arkansas Jill Cady and Pat Bradley.

Too bad there's not online video of their dancin BUT I guess the idea is to get folks to watch. The voting page is simple with just the dancer's mugshot on it and a very brief bio. AND you have to register with to vote!

Where Are They Now

Today we get back to the meteorologist theme and feature Janine Albert.

Of course most TV viewers know her as Janine D'adamo. Janine studied Broadcasting and Meteorology at the University of Florida and Mississippi State University. She holds the Television Seal of Approval from both the American Meteorological Society and the Nation Weather Association.

Janine has forecast the weather at WCBS in NYC, and for stations in Dallas, Shreveport (KTBS) and Hattiesburg, FL. She is most known for her stint at The Weather Channel.

What's Janine doing now? She is a "met" for WINK in Ft. Myers, Floria. Janine still does special reports for The Weather Channel when hurricanes blow through.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Local Stations Send Crews to Cover Hurricane Dennis

KTBS, Channel 3 has sent a crew to cover Hurricane Dennis. KTBS reporter Ed Walsh will be covering the hurricane as it makes its way towards the coast. KTBS is utilizing its " state-of-the-art Satellite earth station on wheels," Earthlink 3 to provide the updates of the storm. As for as I know, KTBS is the only Ark-La-Tex station with a crew in the potential path of the storm and filing reports LIVE. KTBS Meteorologists Jennifer Gray and Mark Rowlett were both on the air during the evening newscast with the latest on Hurricane Dennis.

UPDATE: 6:07pm CDT KATV, Channel 7 looks to have sent a crew into the path of the storm. Michelle Ruppe reported live from from one the areas that was being evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Dennis. And as far as I can tell KATV is the only Little Rock station with a crew in the storm's path. And did anyone else notice Michelle was sporting one of those new KATV t-shirts? They look pretty cool.

UPDATE: 10:15pm CDT KSLA, Channel 12 is using resources from its sister station WAFB, Channel 9 in Baton Rouge to cover Hurricane Dennis. One of WAFB's reporters provided a pretty long LIVE report during KSLA's weather segment. Meanwhile, KTAL, KARK and KTHV all used reports from their respective networks during their newscast.\

UPDATE: 07/10 5:05pm: KTBS's Ed Walsh filed a LIVE report from Pascagoula, Mississippi during the 5pm newscast. KATV's Michelle Ruppe filed a taped report during Channel 7's 5pm newscast. Seems as though KATV's crew is back at home now.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Dancin' The Morning Away on Daybreak

Alright I don't think anyone could have made this one up BUT I just saw a promo on KATV promoting beginning next week on Daybreak a dancing contest will begin. Apparently several different couples will be dancing the morning away every morning next week. Then everyday viewers will be able to go online and vote for their favorite. THEN on Friday a championship dance off will be held between the daily winners.

A dance contest at five o'clock in the morning, on LIVE TV.........What else are they gonna subject the viewers they have left too before they totally drive them all away? Oh well, we'll see how it goes. Just for the heck of it I'll record it on Monday and see what it is all about.

UPDATE: Ok, KATV is playing the heck out of the Dancin' on Daybreak promo during tonight's Everybody Loves Raymond, and it seems 5 couples will start out dancing on Monday and each day one couple will be eliminated leaving one couple standing on Friday.