Friday, February 29, 2008

Just wanted loyal blog readers I'm in the process of starting a new job AND relocating to De Queen. Blogging will continue when I get settled a bit.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Longtime KSLA Anchor Leaving

A tipster tells ATN KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport anchor Carl Pendly is leaving the station. The tipster says Wednesday is Pendly's last day on air. Pendly joined KSLA in 1979.

Friday, February 22, 2008

KARK Looking for Weekend Met

KARK is advertising for a Weekend Meteorologist. Is current weekend Met Jason Kadah leaving?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

KTBS Reporter Caught With Pants Down at Adult Movie Theater

Source: KTBS-TV reporter Will Moses was arrested on an obscenity charge Wednesday night after an incident at an adult movie theater in Shreveport.

Moses, 27, was taken into custody at Capri Video on Nelson Street by a member of the Shreveport Police Department's vice squad.

Police said Moses committed lewd acts while an adult movie was being shown. He was booked on a charge of obscenity and was held this morning at Caddo Correctional Center.

Moses has worked at KTBS for approximately one year.

"We are investigating this matter. When we gather all the facts, we will take appropriate action," Station Manager George Sirven said.

Note: Moses' bio and pic is no longer posted on KTBS' website.

UPDATE: 02/22/08 From

Police said Moses twice committed a lewd act while an adult movie was being shown. Both acts were observed by a vice squad agent, police said.

Moses, who worked at KTBS for approximately one year, resigned Thursday after being released on bond.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Say WHAT on Seven?

KETS Channel 2/AETN Expected to Return to Air by Month's End

The Log Cabin Democrat is reporting KETS/Channel 2/AETN is expected to get its new analog transmitter and antenna operational by the end of February. KETS's over the air signal was knocked off the air when KATV's tower came tumbling down January 11th. Below is an excerpt from the article:

"We have purchased an analog transmitter and antenna, and they're ready to be placed at our digital site," AETN Executive Director Allen Weatherly said. "A structural analysis of that tower is underway to assure that the antenna can be safely installed at approximately 900 feet.

"As soon as the analysis is complete and a tall tower rigging crew is available, everything will be installed to return KETS to the air."

Weatherly noted that the analog KETS will be operating on an emergency, lower power configuration to reach as many viewers as possible until the full digital conversion on Feb. 17, 2009. The reach of the new transmitter has not yet been determined, which leaves the potential for some viewers to be without access to AETN. However, anyone who watches over the air would still be able to watch AETN's digital broadcasts on a digital television. Viewers in Southeast Arkansas are encouraged to tune into KETZ DT 12.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KFTA/ FOX 24 Taking the 9pm News To The Edge

KFTA-TV is proud to announce The Fox 24 News Edge premiering tonight at 9pm. The Fox 24 News Edge will feature Dana Sargent and be a more contemporary newscast designed to appeal to a new generation of media savvy viewers. “News Edge” will deliver the news of the day in a unique, fast paced format. Highlights will include top-of-mind stories, a full weather cast and the top sports headline of the day all in the first block. The announcement was made by Mike Vaughn, Vice President and General Manager of KFTA-TV and KNWA-TV.

“News Edge will feature cutting edge graphics that are designed to appeal to a younger demographic. This will give News Edge a look and feel unlike any other news program in Northwest Arkansas,” said Mr. Vaughn.

Other franchises will include Fox 24 “Weather Edge” and Fox 24 “Sports Edge”.

“Weather Edge” will feature a complete forecast from Chief Meteorologist Dan Skoff in the first segment of the newscast. Other highlights will include exclusive 3D viper radar, a complete River Valley forecast and the ability to give viewers the forecast one hour before any other local newscast.

“Sports Edge” will feature Courtney Timmons delivering the top sports stories of the day one hour before any other local newscast. Other highlights will include up-to-minute scores, live shots from sporting events while the game is still playing and unique stories of local athletes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Former KATV Reporter Makes Appearance on Soap Opera

Former KATV Reporter Lauren Glassberg made an appearance on ABC's One Life To Live Last Week. Glassberg worked at KATV during the 1990's, she been at WABC in NYC since her departure from Arkansas. Below is a clip of her appearance on the daytime soap opera.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Former THV Anchor Feels Liberated

Arkansas has some info about what former KTHV anchor Anne Jansen is doing following retiring earlier this month. In the article Jansen says, "This has been so liberating," Jansen said over the phone this week, a bit of a laugh in her voice as she added, "It's too bad I didn't do this a long time ago." Jansen spent over 20 years at the CBS affiliate and retired February 1st to stay home and spend more time with her children. The article also notes Jansen will be a guest columnist in the March issue of, an off shoot publication of Arkansas Business.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just wanted pass along... blog posts may be few the next couple of weeks as I move to De Queen to manage a store for the retail store chain I work for.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

KFSM Reporter/Producer Movin' to DC

This from a tipster: Sara Lasure has taken a job with Congressman Boozman in DC.

According to her bio, Lasure joined KFSM as a reporter/producer in January of 2004. Before working at KFSM she worked as an anchor/reporter/producer at KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Rock radio veteran on the move after 24 years...Details HERE

Weekend Met Leaving KTVE

This from a tipster: Weekend meteorologist Ayna Sehgal will be leaving KTVE, NBC10 in West Monroe, LA sometime in late February or early March.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sweeps Story Gone Bad?

This from a tipster: KFSM started a health scare Thursday night. Mary Marsh reported about
a leprosy "outbreak", only to have the health department send out press releases talking about how untrue it was.

KNWA, 40/29 and FOX all ran stories about the erroneous report,reminding people "the other station" was wrong, and there's no outbreak at all. KFSM on the other hand, seemed to blame the doctor they interviewed for the mistake.

Noticed Drudge Report picked up the link to the story on the station's website. The story was removed from KFSM's website Friday afternoon. A story reporting the Arkansas Department of Health debunking the claims appears now on Channel 5's site.

Friday, February 08, 2008

KHBS-KHOG Telethon Raises More Than $60,000 For Arkansas Tornado Victims

40/29 News and the American Red Cross would like to thank everyone who helped raise more than $60,000 for Arkansas tornado victims. 40/29 kicked off its “Tornado Relief Telethon” during “40/29 News at 5pm” on Wednesday, February 6th and the phones started ringing right away.

“We were blown away by the community’s response.” Said Jim Prestwood, 40/29 President & General Manager. “Everyone really stepped up to help out in this effort.”

The telethon was scheduled to end after “40/29 News at 10pm”, but the phones didn’t stop ringing until nearly midnight. “We were still receiving donations long after the telethon ended.” Said Mike Courington, 40/29 News Director.

“It was so great to see our communities come together to help in such a desperate time of need. We’re so grateful for everyone’s generosity.” Said Ruthanne Hill, Executive Director of the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the American Red Cross.

All of the money raised goes to help those affected by the deadly tornadoes that swept across Arkansas Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Arkansas Media Helping Tornado Victims

Numerous TV stations across the Natural State are teaming up with various organizations to help the victims of Tuesday's storms. The links are below:

KATV announced Wednesday it is re-activating the Neighbor in Need relief fund.


The 11 Alert Disaster Relief program helps connect individuals and companies with local and state emergency management agencies to provide a coordinated community response to major emergencies or disasters.

FOX16 and all Clear Channel Radio have partnered to help with tornado relief efforts going on right now in Atkins and Clinton.

40/29 News will broadcast the "Tornado Relief Telethon" on Wednesday night. Viewers will be able to call in and pledge donations from the start of 40/29 News at 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. Every dollar donated will go to the American Red Cross' Tornado Relief Fund.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Software Glitch Blamed for Super Bowl Outage

A tipster sent this info that was posted on KNWA/KFTA's website last night:

Important Message(s) From KNWA / KFTA

Super Bowl On Fox24
Sunday, February 3, 2008 @4:06pm CST

We had a software failure in our digital transmission equipment that
we've invested in to bring you the highest quality of digital and HD programming. Although the failure did not effect COX subscribers, we immediately began to work with DIRECTV and DISH Network to look for an alternative to enable viewers to watch the super bowl coverage. We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to work diligently until this issue is resolved.

Super Bowl Sunday Not So Super for NWA

This from a tipster: KFTA and KNWA went off the air at approximately 3:20pm today, Super Bowl Sunday, 2/3. This did not effect Cox Cable, but apparently every other way of getting the broadcast was effected including off air, Direct TV and Dish Network. I personally have Direct TV.
The KNWA signal was lost with approximately 3 minutes to go in the Montreal / New York Rangers game. This was a very close game and the signal was lost at the most critical time in the game. Of course, there was no other way to get it. When I switched to Direct Tv channel 24 for the Super Bowl, there was no signal. I waited a half hour before giving up and driving 10 miles to my son's house(he has Cox). I understand that Direct Tv eventually found a way to get the Super Bowl to their customers, but it was too late for me as I left before they came up with a solution.

As of 11pm tonight, there is still no KNWA signal.

Friday, February 01, 2008

KAIT ND on the Move

From a tipster: KAIT News Director Randy Parrott is leaving the station. Assistant News Director Hatton Weeks will serve as interim. Parrott's last day is Feb. 29th.