Thursday, April 24, 2014

KARK/KLRT Has New Reporter in the Field

This from the tip box:

Hilary Hunt has joined KARK channel 4 and KLRT channel 16 in Little Rock as a reporter. She previously worked for KNOE channel 8 in Monroe, LA.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NWA Station Names Sports Director

Mitch Roberts is joining KHBS/KHOG/Fayetteville-Fort Smith as sports director.  Roberts is no stranger to viewers in northwest Arkansas as he most recently was news anchor/reporter for KFSM/Channel 5.  

“Mitch brings a terrific combination of experience and Arkansas-Oklahoma sports knowledge to our newsroom,” said 40/29 News Director, Greg Shepperd. “I know Mitch will provide excellent leadership when it comes to covering the Razorbacks and our diverse sports market.” 

Roberts' first day at 40/29 will be May 5th.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Drones the Future of Gathering TV News Video?

Who needs a news chopper any more when you have drones!  Arkansas has an interesting article on how Little Rock TV stations have been taking advantage of a Little Rock business and using drones to get ariel video when needed. The article says  The Shot Above of Little Rock has shot video for KARK/KLRT, and KTHV.  Most recently The Shot Above shot video for KARK when the Majestic Hotel was burning in Hot Springs.  Just what do the news directors of the stations say about this technology.

“We’re not utilizing drones,” said Michael Caplan, general manager of KTHV.  Caplan said one reason the station isn’t using Trieschmann or other drone operators for breaking news is because of uncertain regulation surrounding the tech.

 In a manned helicopter, “sometimes the quality of video and perspective isn’t all that great. It can be almost distracting; depending on the setup, the camera might shake and the video would not necessarily be that clean,”KARK news director Austin Kellerman said.Kellerman said that KARK’s use of freelancers like Trieschmann helps the station avoid potentially losing an investment in its own drones — which can cost up to $100,000 or more — in case regulations are too strict.

KATV seems to have on staff their very own photographer who uses his own aircraft for news shots.  

Read the entire article HERE.

Channel 11 Brings New Sports Anchor on Board

Well this answers a few questions.....TV Spy reports KTHV/Channel 11/Little Rock has hired Mary Dunleavy as sports anchor.  Dunleavy comes to Little Rock from NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA.  Channel 11 news director Dave Parker tells TV Spy one of her first assignments will be covering Razorback's spring practice this week.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

KTHV, Gannett Sued for Discrimination

KTHV Sports anchor Mark Edwards has sued the station and its parent company for discrimination.  In a nutshell Edwards states KTHV and Gannett Corp. stood in his way of getting employment elsewhere and not promoting him further up the ladder at Channel 11.  A full brief of the lawsuit can be found HERE.  It is rumored Edwards is  no longer at Channel 11 as his bio is no longer on the station's website.  Edwards is seeking class certification, restitution, and compensatory and punitive damages for Civil Rights Act violations, loss of prospective earnings and a court order "to enjoin the discriminatory practices."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

KARK Celebrates 60 Years of Broadcasting

KARK/Channel 4/Little Rock is celebrating 60 years of broadcasting.  The station first went on the air at 6:00PM on Thursday, April 15, 1954.  Of course many changes have occurred in broadcasting since then.  KARK has set a special anniversary section on its website with memories throughout the years.

Viewers Pissed at NWA Station Over Weather Coverage..Or Lack Thereof...

Seems KFSM/Channel 5/Fort Smith is catching some heat from viewers over the lack of severe weather coverage Sunday night.  Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis' facebook page is filled with upset viewers on how severe weather wasn't broadcast Sunday evening.  In one post Lewis explained it this way:

It's difficult to understand but sometimes Tornado Warnings are issued for QLCS pockets of rotation. (Rotation that lasts 1 scan on a line of storms and then disappears; although the warning continues for as much as an hour).

If there's an actual tornado risk... We're on the air: Period. If it's mid-level rotation that is not capable of a tornado... we'll be on KXNW or running crawls.

Hopefully NOAA/NWS will come up with a way to handle storms which show small rotation on 1 scan and then disappear.

In my opinion the increase in the false-alarm-rate is not helpful to anyone.

No tornado occurred tonight and there never was a significant risk of one occurring.

BUT a tornado did touch down in Peter Pender in Franklin County.  Every station has to deal with this sort of thing.  Viewers in the place where the bad weather isn't moving through get mad because they wanna see their programs..then where the weather is moving through those viewers want to see the weather.  Us viewers in the Little Rock and Shreveport markets have to deal with the same thing.  But you know what the first priority of a tv station isn't to provide entertainment, it is to keep viewers informed of potential life and death situations like severe storms.  Just part of having an fcc license.