Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Blood Flows in Shreveport

This from a tipster: KMSS Fox 33 in Shreveport fires at least 5 staffers including all of local news staff, resulting in immediate cancellation of KMSS 9PM Daily Newscast.

Sources close to station say the KMSS 9pm News was winning in the ratings against KPXJ 9pm News ( which is a re-hash of KTBS 3 News with a different anchor ). Despite the decent ratings, KMSS sales dept. couldn't sell the 9pm and so it got the axe.

KMSS now offers a 5 minute newsbreak of a talking head from ComCorp of Texas' affiliate in Tyler, TX.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Longtime KTHV Anchor Announces Retirement

Longtime KTHV anchor B J Sams has announced his retirement. According to his bio, Sams has been in broadcasting some 55 years. He has been with KTHV since 1982. Sams' last day is July 31st.

Bloodbath at KTBS/Shreveport

This from a tipster: KTBS: Friday May 1st. . . one of the bloodiest in the station's history as more than 15 employees were let go as a "reduction in force" layoff to save costs at the station. Some rumors are that the station will eventually phase out a formal production dept.

All this happens coming on the recent hiring of former KSLA veteran sportscaster, Bob Griffin who is supposedly doing part-time travel features once a week for KTBS. And the possible return of former weathercaster Jennifer Gray who left station to work in Miami.