Tuesday, January 31, 2006

KTAL Weekend Weather Anchor Gone

Ok I wondered why Todd Warren was covering the anchor desk this past weekend on KTAL, THEN I found this in the tip box this evening: "KTAL is without a wekend weather guy. Rob Fram has left, and they are looking for a new face."

Stone Leaving KTVE

This from the tip box: "KTVE's J.R. Stone, the South Arkansas Bureau Chief (reporter/photographer in El Dorado), has put in his two weeks notice."

FOX Network Morning Show A Go

FTV Live reports it's a go for a Fox Network morning show. FTV says Fox News Channel's Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick will host the show. Fox stations head Jack Abernethy is really pushing ahead for the show.

Monday, January 30, 2006

News From the Ark-La-Tex

A few blog readers made these observations this evening:

> Heidi York started tonight at KTAL.

> "KTBS has changed up the openings some with some new music and such."

Additional: I caught the 10pm newscast on KTAL and Heidi York seems to be a solid anchor. Normally when an anchor begins work at a new station he/she goes through a period of not know exactly what's happening but she didn't stumble once at 10pm. Now I guess we wait and see if Patrick leaves and a new male co-anchor shows up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

40/29 Morning Producer Promoted

This from the tip box: "The KHBS/KHOG morning producer, Debra Bard has been promoted to the weekend producer and weekday fill-in producer at WXII in Winston-Salem, North Carolina."

More Answers to Questions About the New CW Network

This info from Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis. Notice the bold part:

> Programming: A sudden slew of new independents all looking to fill their primetime schedules ... with what? Movie packages suddenly become a premium, first or second airings of daytime talk programs, sitcoms. These stations have a very short time to prepare and a lot of time to fill.

> The WB 100+ Station Group: What happens to this entire entity? Does it fall by the wayside as over-the-air affiliates take the new CW affiliation? Speculation suggests yes.

> Current Network Affiliations: How will CBS/Warner Bros. choose between the current WB and UPN affiliates in markets where there is no Tribune or CBS owned station? By overall ratings strength, as well as by depth and significance of current programming contracts? And how soon will these notifications be made so that programming to fill the void in September can be purchased?

> Syndication: Certainly, this will be a true boon for the syndication business with a flock of new Indies on the horizon. And a return for fuller and more significant movie packages, as well as the weekly barter action hours. A couple of likelihoods - more off-net syndication coming from cable to broadcast; and fast-tracking some off-net 60m series into syndication. And potential for international hours returning to the US for primetime weekly airings, tho residual money may suggest that is a foolhardy idea.

> Financial Impact: There will likely be several markets where a station will lose its affiliation, thereby greatly diminishing the station's value. These are often stations that have also taken out bank loans to upgrade to digital, and will still have to pay those loans. The prediction from NATPE attendees is many of these stations will go dark and/or sell at drastically reduced rates.

> The Upside: Tribune no longer is committed by 22% to the WB Network, and footing 1/5 of the financial loses - and owns none of the new network. Additionally, though it will continue to pay reverse compensation to the network, the likelihood is it won't be as steep. At the end of the day, it gets network affiliates that are potentially stronger than either WB or UPN individually, have all the best in programming both have to offer, including says Dennis Fitzsimmons America's Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris, Gilmore Girls, Girlfriends and Veronica Mars.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Clear Channel or Equity? Which Will Be the New CW?

A number of blog readers have e-mailed in wonder which station in the Little Rock market will be the newly formed CW Network. Will it be KASN- 38 owned by Clear Channel OR Equity's KWBF?

KLRT on the Hunt for a New Assistant News Director

This from a tipster: "According to the Rick Gevers ND List, KLRT has re-listed the KLRT Asst.
News Director job.

The station advertised the job during the fall, then removed the listing in November because they were close to hiring someone (according to Gevers).

What happened with the first choice at Fox 16?"

Monday, January 23, 2006

More on the KSLA 'AM' Shake Up

This from the tip box: "The arrival of Najahe Hall may be bad news for long-time anchor Carolyn Roy, who is indeed on maternity leave and may not have her desk job to return to. Roy's former co-anchor/reporter, Candice Jones, recently quit abruptly after being told her contract was not being renewed. Within the station, there is speculation that Roy may eventually want the still-unfilled managing editor job, vacated when Robb Hays left for WAFB in Baton Rouge last fall; and, that should they eventually name a male co-anchor for the morning show, it might be newcomer David Begnaud, now the main nightside reporter, who gets his shot behind the desk. "

Sunday, January 22, 2006

More Changes on the Way at the KTAL Anchor Desk?

This from the tip box: "KTAL general manager, Scott Thomas, is about to be even further up a creek without a paddle due to another Denver defection. After last week's departure of Lane Stone, the station's popular home-grown main anchor for nearly five years, there is word that her co-anchor, the young, talented Shawn Patrick, is leaving as well. Word is he's taking a weekend am anchor/reporter gig at Denver powerhouse KUSA. As your blog correctly noted, Stone is also heading to Denver with her fiancee, Eli Stokols, who left Shreveport's KSLA for Denver's KWGN in September.

Incidentally, Stone's job was offered to Heidi York, a morning anchor in Wilmington, NC (market 140) after KTAL's own morning anchor, Shannon Slatton, wisely refused to sign a five-year contract."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Nexstar, Hearst-Argyle Hit Jackpot With Retrans Agreements

Source: Cynthia Turner Cynopsis After a tough year, Nexstar Broadcasting Group has won its battle to receive retransmission consent deals from 145 different cable operators, and to the tune of $40 million over the next 3-5 years, the majority in cash, according to Multichannel News. Nexstar went looking for retrans money last year and the results initially pushed the stations off Cox and Cable One systems in four markets for nearly a full year. That resulted in the loss of 75,000 cable subs, and as you might imagine, a fair amount off the Nexstar bottom line. With the four new deals in place, Nexstar has another 10 systems it is currently negotiating with, tho no info how those talks are progressing.

Also chiming in with its own retrans deals is the Hearst-Argyle group, reportedly being paid approx $11 million for its new deals with Echostar. Hearst-Argyle also owns Lifetime Television, and the cost of its retrans deal with Echostar, which this time around did not include Lifetime as part of the package, left the cable network off the system following its own dispute with Echostar over license fees.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

KSLA TV Vice President and General Manager Running for Mayor of Shreveport?

KTAL, Channel 6 just ran a story on possible candidates for Shreveport mayor. Among the mentions, Ed Bradley, KSLA TV Vice President and General Manager. KTAL reported Bradley already had campaign office space rented.

1/18 Additional: This from an article in The Shreveport Times in August 2005:

"Ed Bradley, vice president and general manager of KSLA-TV12: "I'll make a decision in the early part of next year," said Bradley, who added, "I'll be out of here" in reference to his future with the local television affiliate if he chooses to run. Already, a group of business leaders and community activists that calls itself Friends of Ed Bradley has established a Web site -- www.change06.org -- that touts Bradley's pending candidacy. He's also ceased doing editorial comments for the news station."

KSLA Makes Changes in the AM

KSLA, Channel 12 has moved around and made changes to its morning program. Longtime KSLA meteorologist Ed Duranczyk has been moved to weekends while known Ark-La-Tex meteorologist Ron Young has been moved to weekday mornings with KSLA newcomer Najahe Hall anchoring the news. Which leaves me to ask what happened to the former 2 news anchors that were on with Duranczyk?

UPDATE: 8:25pm A blog reader says Carolyn Roy is on maternity leave.

Anchor Desk Changes at KTAL

Well there seems to be a shake up at KTAL, Channel 6 in Shreveport. Lane Stone, the co-anchor of the 5pm, 6pm and 10pm news is out and from what I can put together from the station's website, Heidi York is the new co-anchor.

Heidi comes to KTAL from WWAY in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her archived WWAY bio says, she was the anchor of "Good Morning Carolina". She's a native of Greenville, South Carolina, but spent much of her life living in Ohio. She studied Journalism at The Ohio State University, and Radio/TV Broadcasting at The Ohio Center for Broadcasting."

I'll be tuned into KTAL at 6pm to see if she pops up next to Shawn Patrick.

Anyone know what happened to Lane Stone?

UPDATE: 6:05pm Shawn is anchoring solo tonight.

UPDATE: 8:20pm Well it could be Lane Stone is off to Denver where she will be marrying former KSLA reporter Eli Stokols. This article in the Christmas Edition of The Shreveport Times says the couple hosted an engagement party over the holidays. Stone's fiancée now works for the WB Network in Denver.
(thanks to a blog reader for the tip)

KFDF, UPN 10, in Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, Picks up 'Daniel'

KFDF, UPN 10, in Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, AR announced today that it will air NBC's "The Book of Daniel" after the local NBC affiliate dropped the program.

"The Book of Daniel" will air on Friday nights at 9P starting this Friday February 20 and will continue through February 3, 2006. KWBF, WB 42, in Little Rock, also an Equity Broadcasting station, has been airing the program since it launched on February 6 after the local NBC affiliate opted out of the program.

Neal Ardman, Equity Broadcasting Vice President of Television Operations said: "Broadcasters need to stand up to special interest groups and defend freedom of speech and free exchange of ideas and opinions. If we don't it's a complete insult and slap in the face to the men and women fighting in Iraq."

KFDF is over the air channel 10 and in Ft. Smith is on COX Cable channel 22 and in Northwest Arkansas is on COX Cable channel 4.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Ratings Numbers From the November Book

Arkansas Business.com has a complete run down of the Nielson numbers for the November 2005 book. In addition to the numbers AB.com had last week are numbers for the weekend newscasts.

According to Arkansas Business.com's ratings PDF chart KATV led the pack during the 10pm news slot on Saturday and Sunday. For that time slot Channel 7 had a 11.6 rating and 27.3 share; KTHV had a 8.5 rating/19.8 share; KARK 5.5 rating and 13 share. KARK leads the midday time slot. View the PDF file HERE.

01/16/2005 The above post has been corrected to reflect KARK NOT KATV leads the pack mid-days.

KATV Reporter Has Surgery to Correct Heart Problem

According to this blogger KATV's Michelle Rupp recently had heart surgery to correct a non- life-threatening condition. According to the post the surgery took place on Thursday, January 5th.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tipster: KNWA Reporter Heading West

This from the tip box: "Gloria Margarita is leaving KNWA. She is going to KMIR, an NBC station in Palm Springs, California."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

KFSM Fill-in Met Fired at Full-time Gig

KFSM fill-in met George Flickinger has been fired from his full time gig at KOKI in Tulsa for interrupting an NFL game Mayes county residents of an evacuation order due to wildfires.

Comcast Cable Rejects Equity Broadcasting Spot Based on Content

KWBF, WB 42, announced today that Comcast Cable in Little Rock has rejected a locally produced spot promoting its show "Confessions Live".

Sighting content issues, Comcast Cable refused to air the spot for "Confessions Live" the Equity Broadcasting program that airs nationwide on Friday nights from 11PM - 1AM CT.

Equity Broadcasting Corporation, Vice President of Television Operations, Neal Ardman said, "With the recent controversy surrounding 'The Book of Daniel' and now with Comcast's decision not to air the Confessions Live commercial, it appears that media censorship is becoming more and more mainstream. We, as broadcasters, must remember it is not our job to sensor but to put the matter before the viewers and let them decide. I'm wondering how much pressure the AFA is putting on Comcast."

KWBF, WB 42, recently announced that it would air NBC's "The Book of Daniel" after the local NBC affiliate opted not to air it.

The spot can be viewed at

"Lost" Gets Lost on KATV

There's an article in today's Arkansas D/G about the situation KATV faces over airing college basketball when the popular program "Lost" is suppose to be on. Well it seems "Lost" fans will be able to watch the program on KATV, BUT you will have to stay up late. Below are the highlights from the article:

> Lost finally returns with two episodes beginning Wednesday at 7 p.m. The first is a compilation episode to catch viewers up since the show’s been off for a while. The 8 p.m. offering will be a fresh, all-new regular episode never before seen. The bad news is if you watch Lost on KATV, you’ll get SEC basketball instead. Alabama and Auburn fans will be happy, but Lost fans will be fuming.

> Lost fans will get to see their show. It’ll be late, late at night unless they record it for viewing at a more convenient time. Wednesday’s 7 p.m. compilation episode will air after Jimmy Kimmel at 12:35 a.m. Thursday morning (considered Wednesday late night in the TV biz). Wednesday’s all-new 8 p.m. episode will air at 12:35 a.m. Friday morning.

>On Jan. 18 ABC plans to air this week’s new 8 p.m. episode at 7 p.m. followed by an all-new episode at 8. KATV will air the Jan. 18 new (8 p.m.) episode at 12:35 a.m. Jan 19 after Kimmel.

That’s KATV’s Lost plan beginning Jan. 18 — that week’s new episode will air that same TV cycle night at 12:35 a.m.

According to KATV programmer Richard Farrester, Channel 7 has taken steps to keep the fans of Invasion happy as well.

Invasion follows Lost at 9 p.m. Wednesday. If a basketball game runs long, Channel 7 will air Invasion in its entirety and push the 10 p.m. news back.

Should that happen, Raymond will absorb the cuts at 10:30, meaning Nightline will start on time, Kimmel will start on time, and the delayed Lost episode will start on time at 12:35 a.m.

Monday, January 09, 2006

More "Daniel" for WB 42

KWBF, WB 42, announced today that it will once again air NBC's "The Book of Daniel" this Friday January 13, 2006 at 9 PM CT. KWBF, WB 42 aired the series premiere on Friday January 6, 2006 after the local NBC affiliate opted not to air it.

Arkansas D F and A Says KARK Owes State Money; KARK Says That's Wrong

Arkansas Business.com reports, "The Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration has filed a total of eight liens against KARK-TV, Channel 4, amounting to $343,000 for delinquent taxes withheld from employees’ paychecks dating all the way back to August 2003."

KARK GM Rick Rogala denies the charges.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

KTHV Heads the Pack in the AM and at 10pm; KATV Dominates Early Evenings

Arkansas Business.com has the ratings numbers from the Novemeber 2005 book. Below is a portion of that article:

> At 5 p.m., KTHV was hoping the addition of “Ellen” would cut into KATV’s “Oprah” lead-in audience, but a 1.5 rating and 4.9 share for DeGeneres barely competed with Winfrey’s 8 rating and 26 share at 4 p.m. The result is KATV’s dominating 13.6 rating and 31 share, compared with third-place KTHV’s 5.6 rating and 12.9 share. Second-place KARK recorded a 7.6 rating and 17.6 share.

> At 6 p.m. it’s more of the same for KATV, which drew a 15.5 rating and 29 share. KTHV overtook KARK for second place with an 8.2 rating and 15.5 share, compared with Channel 4’s 6.4 rating and 12.1 share.

> At 10 p.m., KTHV and KATV are nearly deadlocked, with Channel 11 holding an 11.5 rating and a 24.9 share and Channel 7 registering an 11 rating and 24.8 share. Channel 4 pulled in a 6.7 rating and a 14.8 share.

> KLRT-TV, Channel 16’s “Fox News at Nine” again showed improvement in comparison with this time last year, posting a 3.4 rating and a 6.3 share. Fox held just a 4.0 share in the November 2004 Nielsen ratings.

And KTHV is still holding on to the top spot in the 5am and 6am time slots.

Friday, January 06, 2006

KTVE in Monroe, LA Getting Makeover

Source: RTNDA Working with top newscast designers, RTNDA is providing KTVE-TV in Monroe, LA, with a new on-air look, including a reinvigorated set with new music and graphics, plus the know-how to put it all together.

Chip Mahaney, producer of RTNDA's Ultimate Newscast Makeover and managing editor at KDFW FOX 4 News in Dallas, says "We picked the perfect partner in KTVE. This is a station with a long history of public service in northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas. It's also a station that has fallen behind. But with new station management in place, and with the RTNDA Ultimate Newscast Makeover team on the way, we expect to create an immediate, significant and positive change for news viewers in that market."

KTVE will be getting a new or refurbished set from FX Group, new custom music from Stephen Arnold Music, and new custom graphics from VDO. And it's getting the expertise of The Coaching Company, which will help integrate the new design elements and new technology into its newscasts, and train KTVE staffers to make best use of what they'll have to work with.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Morning Anchor at KSLA

TV Spy reports, KTWO, Casper, Wyoming, evening anchor Najahe Hall will take over morning anchor duties at KSLA, Shreveport.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

KARK Says No to Book of Daniel; WB 42 Picks up the Program

KARK will not air The book of Daniel. Here's the announcement from KARK.com:

"After careful consideration, watching the program and most importantly listening to our viewers and engaging them in dialogue, we have decided not to air the NBC program The book of Daniel this Friday night. We appreciate hearing from so many of our viewers who expressed their heartfelt opinions on both sides of the issue."

UPDATE: This from a news release from WB-42:

"KWBF, WB 42, announced today it will air "The Book of Daniel" from the
NBC network on Friday night, January 6, 2006 from 8P-10PM.

Equity Broadcasting Corporation, Vice President of Television
Operations, Neal Ardman said: "While we respect NBC's position not to air this
program, we are excited to provide an outlet for viewers here in central
Arkansas to see the program."

"The Book of Daniel" stars Emmy-nominated Aidan Quinn as Reverend
Daniel Webster an unconventional and challenged Episcopalian minister. The
series follows Webster as he struggles with his addiction to
painkillers and attempts to be a good husband and father. Webster's wife, played
by Susanna Thompson, is fighting her own addiction to mid-day martinis.
Both are doing their best to raise their three children, a 23-year-old
gay son who struggles with the loss of his twin brother, a 16-year-old
daughter who pushes her father's buttons and a 16-year-old adopted
Chinese son who has a wicked sense of humor.

KWBF, WB 42 is over the air channel 42 and is on Comcast Channel 9.
The episode of Beauty and the Geek that was originally scheduled for
Friday night at 8 PM will be seen on Saturday at 5 PM.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

KFSM Confuses Bono with the Other Bono

Arkansas Business.com is running this article:

"KFSM reported that Sonny Bono had made Time magazine’s list of “Persons of the Year.” But Sonny Bono, a singer who was married to Cher, died in a snow skiing accident in 1998.

Time’s 2005 honoree was Paul Hewson, lead singer for the rock band U2, who goes simply by the name Bono. Hewson was tagged with the nickname “Bono Vox” in high school. It was the name of a hearing aid store in Dublin, Ireland, and fittingly means “good voice” in Latin.

At least KFSM showed the right Bono’s picture with the story."

Monday, January 02, 2006

KARK.com Gets Face Lift

KARK has rung in the new year with a face lift of its website. The site now features bigger fonts, stories separated into categories and in my opinion a better flowing format. NOW will KARK start providing online video?