Thursday, March 30, 2006

KTVE Debuts New 5pm Newscast

A tipster sends this in:"KTVE in Monroe debuted its new newscast at 5 PM Thursday. It's called "NBC 10 News" and you can find the logo at the It looks pretty good, the best thing this market has ever seen."

KTAL in No Hurry to Find New Co-anchor

Well it has been about a month now since Sean Patrick left KTAL in Shreveport, leaving new anchor Heidi York to cover the anchoring during the 5, 6 and 10 weekday newscasts. KTAL News Director Andy Pontz tells Arkansas TV News, "We're still working on finding a replacement for Sean Patrick and don't have a specific timeline on an announcement."

KTBS GM Named Broadcaster of the Year by the LAB, the Org he Serves as Chairman

This from Newsblues, "George Sirven, general manager of KTBS-3-ABC in Shreveport, who also serves as chairman of the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters, has been named "Broadcaster of the Year" by the same association, and some folks in Louisiana think that's a bit odd. Sirven, we are told, has ordered up promos on KTBS announcing his "award.""

KWBF to Become 'My Network TV' Affiliate

Source: KWBF Press Release KWBF-TV announced today that it has signed a multi-year deal with My Network TV to become an affiliate of the newly formed network beginning in September of this year.

KWBF-TV Vice President and General Manager, Neal Ardman said, "In the wake of the merger of The WB and UPN we explored various programming replacements and are excited to announce our partnership with My Network TV." Ardman went on to say, "When making a decision about a new affiliation we wanted to bring something new to our viewers of central Arkansas and we feel they will be just as delighted in My Network TV as we are."

My Network TV is a new network formed by FOX Broadcasting. The network will be branded as My Network TV and will allow affiliates to build upon this brand.

KWBF-TV became a WB affiliate in 1997. Earlier this year, both The WB and UPN networks announced they will merge to form one network in the fall of this year.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Party in Shreveport?

A tipster says, "Rumor has it Channel 12 had a huge party for beating 3 everywhere but the morning show...and 3 took such a dive they aren't even talking or releasing numbers at their station."

I have noticed promos on KSLA promoting their top spot.

More on the Sullivan to The Big Apple Move

Source: New York Daily News The speculation about major changes at WCBS/Ch.2 is bound to heat up with word that the station is expected to hire Little Rock, Ark., anchor Kate Sullivan.
Sullivan, the main anchor of the 5 and 6 p.m. news on KATV-TV, an ABC station, is expected to start at Ch. 2 on April 17. Word is that she and station brass just need to iron out the contract.

In the meantime, there'll be a massive guessing game about whose seat Sullivan will take.

As reported earlier, Ch. 2 general manager Peter Dunn and the news department are planning changes for the broadcast teams and the look of the newscasts.

Sullivan's likely start date gives the station three weeks to juggle the lineup. Part of that task, however, depends on people whose contracts are close to expiring or who have windows where changes can be made.

Additional: Arkansas has an article about Sullivan's move as well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Former KLRT Sports Anchor Enters Police Academy

Former KLRT weekend Sports Anchor is one of 21 Little Rock Police Department recruits now undergoing training. A tipster says, "KTHV reported last night that the LRPD had 21 new recruits and they interviewed Officer Holgate, which explains the opening at fox16. He is also quoted in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

"Justin Holgate, 32, left a career as a television journalist to join the class. “This is a chance for me to give back to the community,” Holgate said."

KATV Anchor Heading to the Big Apple?

This from a tipster: "Word from KATV is that Kate Sullivan is on her way to WCBS in New York".

KATV Leads the Pack in February Book

Arkansas has gotten hold of the ratings numbers for the Little Rock market. The article says KATV lead the way at 5, 6 and 10. The article says KARK say only a small increase in numbers from the November book. 4 and 11 still hold the crowns for other parts of the day. In the mornings KTHV continues to lead the pack and KARK had the highest noon news program. You'll find the article HERE.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Southwest Arkansas Residents: We Want Our Little Rock Stations

Southwest Arkansas residents are not happy with Direct TV about the forth-coming switch from Little Rock 'local' stations to Shreveport 'local' stations. But it looks as though there's nothing that can be done as Nielson deems Southwest Arkansas in the Shreveport DMA. Here's a quote from the article in Monday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

"“I’m not interested in getting my news, weather and sports out of Louisiana,” said Barham, a rancher in central Nevada County about 20 miles south of Prescott. “I live in Arkansas. I love the [University of Arkansas ] Razorbacks. Why would I want to get anything on Centenary [College]” out of Shreveport, he asked.

Another Nevada County resident, U.S. Rep. Mike Ross, D-Prescott, said he, too, is upset with the change. “I’m actually, because I’m so mad about this, working on some legislation,” the congressman added. Ross said his proposed legislation would provide subscribers with a choice of local programming options."

Friday, March 24, 2006

More on THV's 'Backpack Journalist'

Arkansas interviewed THV's News Direction Mark Raines about the station's Backpack Journalist position its advertising for. Below are a few quotes from the article:

> “It will allow them to get outside the Little Rock metro area and get into stories two or three hours away without them having to really worry about getting back before news time,” Raines said. “They’ll be able to dump all of their video into a laptop computer and edit a story in the laptop and then basically hit send, and it’ll come back to a server we’ll have in place this year.”

> “It’s something we’re basically kind of experimenting with here to see if it will work as well as it has in other markets,” Raines added. “It’s been done before, but not with the newer and more efficient equipment.”

Read the entire article HERE.

A First for the Little Rock Market: KLRT Rolls Out Program for Desktop News Headlines

Arkansas has an article about KLRT's new desktop application computer users can use to bring the news to them anytime. Below is a portion of that article:

"KLRT-TV, Channel 16, is allowing viewers to download a free application from its Web site that will then deliver headlines in three different formats — inside a ticker tape, in a desktop alert or in a feed browser — as they are updated throughout the day.

Shari Erwin, director of emerging technologies at Fox 16, said people probably remember similar desktop applications from the late 1990s that robbed their computers of resources.

“This is not one of those,” she assured."

Read the full article HERE.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Whats New at KARK

Since I missed KARK's Severe Weather Special a fellow Arkansas blogger, David Quinn, watched the program and reports that 4's 'mets' have a new weather center. Quinn says the set is reddish in color AND it features bigger monitors than the previous weather center. Will the 'new' news set look similar?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shreveport Station Gets New ND

This maybe old news BUT it's new here......TV Spy reports, "Randy Bain has been promoted to news director here. KTBS is a locally owned ABC affiliate. Randy has been the acting ND since JAN ELKINS stepped down as ND last September, but she is still working for the station.

Monday, March 20, 2006

THV Looking for "Backpack Journalist"

Is this a first for Little Rock TV news? THV is looking to hire a "Backpack journalist". I would call it a one man band so to speak since one would be doing the video shooting, gathering the facts, writing the story then putting the package together. The ad calls it the 'next generation in newsgathering'. Below is the ad from :

"BACKPACK JOURNALIST - Today's THV and, the Gannett-owned CBS affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas, is looking for a "Backpack Journalist" -- a reporter/photographer/editor who will produce content on air and online. As a Backpack Journalist, you'll turn local stories that make a difference. You'll use the latest technology, including lightweight, next-generation photography and editing equipment. The successful candidate must be a good broadcast and print writer who understands storytelling and teamwork. Requirements: A degree in journalism and 2 or more years of experience is preferred. If you're interested in becoming a pioneer in the next generation of newsgathering, send a VHS tape, resume and references to: Mark Raines, News Director, KTHV, P. O. Box 269, Little Rock, AR 72203."

In Little Rock It's Slow and Steady

Broadcasting and Cable profiles the Little Rock market in this recent article. In the article, Clear Channel GM Chuck Spohn calls the market a well kept secret. “Little Rock is a well-kept secret,” says Chuck Spohn, general manager for Clear Channel-owned Fox affiliate KLRT and UPN outlet KASN. “We don’t have exciting sectors, like technology, that spike the market. But we are consistent.”

Also from the article: "Broadcasters grossed $87.6 million in 2004, up from $81.9 million the prior year, according to BIA Financial. Gannett-owned CBS affiliate KTHV was slightly out in front at $24.7 million."

Read the full article HERE.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

KARK to Unveil "New Things" During Weather Special Thursday Night

Arkansas reports that KARK will debut some 'new things' during the stations weather special slated to air Thursday evening, 3/23, at 7pm. Below is all KARK GM Rick Rogala would tell

"“We’ll probably be unveiling some new things during the special,” he said, referring to KARK’s “Severe Weather Special” that will air later this month.

When asked if among those “new things” was a redesigned set, Rogala only allowed, “Just that there will be some updates that people will be very interested in seeing.”"

KNWA Gets New ND

Yea I know this a week or two old BUT here it is.

Source: Northwest Arkansas Times KNWA-TV/KFTA-TV announced Thursday the appointment of Scott Pickey as news director. Pickey comes to Northwest Arkansas from Huntsville, Ala., where he most recently served as assistant news director for WHNT-TV. Before that, he was assistant news director at News 10 Now in Syracuse, N. Y., and spent several years in Raleigh, N. C., as an executive producer with WRAL. "KNWA is a dynamic station with great people in a wonderful market," Pickey said. "I am very impressed with the staff and overall focus the station has taken. I look forward to joining the team."

Longtime ABC News Anchor Dead

This falls under the network news category BUT I thought it deserved a mention here:

Source: Bill Beutel, the longtime television news anchor and host of the show that became ABC's "Good Morning America," has died, the network announced. He was 75.

Beutel, whose trademark signoff "Good luck and be well" closed WABC's nightly local newscast for more than 30 years, died Saturday at his home in Pinehurst, North Carolina, the network said.

In 1975, Beutel hosted "AM America," the network's national morning news show.

He "proved you could be a tough newsman and a gentleman at the same time," WABC president and general manager Dave Davis said Sunday in a statement. "He was never shrill, always measured, and universally respected -- the original class act."

Beutel, who won several Emmy awards and a Peabody award, began as a radio reporter in his hometown of Cleveland. He started working in television in 1962, appearing as a reporter for ABC national news and as an anchor for the local evening newscast.

After a stint as ABC's London bureau chief, where he worked with a young Peter Jennings, Beutel returned to New York to man the local anchor desk in 1970.

He stepped down in 2001, continuing to report for the network for another two years. He reported frequently from overseas and, at age 70, traveled to cover the dangers surrounding the diamond trade in Sierra Leone.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

KTBS Relaunches Website

It didn't take KTBS long to follow KSLA and remodel its website. has been totally redone AND it features streaming video. Now KTAL is the ONLY station in the Shreveport that does not feature online video.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

KATV is THERE when severe weather happens?

Was flipping through the local channels when I stopped on KTHV and Becky Ditchfield had apparently broke into programming with the Benton County Tornado warning. So I keep on flipping through the channels and find KATV in the midst of commercials with a enlarged warning map up and info running at the top of the screen...THEN a "KATV is THERE when severe weather strikes" promo comes on and BAM the happening now severe weather warnings are taken off the screen. THEN KATV runs yet ANOTHER promo, aka time fillers, no $$ for the time, with the info off the screen. My point is, wouldn't this have been a great opportunity to break in with severe weather coverage? But I guess that would interrupt Desparate Housewives huh?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

KFSM Anchor Fired Over DWI

Word in NWA is that KFSM anchor Tim Malone has been canned over getting a DWI last weekend. According to his bio up still up on the station's website, Malone joined KFSM-TV Channel 5 in 2004.

Friday, March 10, 2006

KNWA Takes the Lead at 10pm in NWA

Arkansas has a summary of the Nielsen Media Research numbers from November and they show KNWA leading the pack at 10pm. Below is a portion of the article:

"The Nielsen Media Research numbers from the November ratings period show KNWA, the NBC affiliate, had a household rating of 7.4 during the 10 p.m. timeslot. That’s one-tenth of a point higher than KHBS/KHOG, Channels 40/29. KNWA’s number was up from a 5 rating in the previous November.

KFSM, Channel 5, led in Northwest Arkansas during the 5 p.m. newscast for the most recent November, and KHOG led at 6 p.m.

KFSM led in all three evening news timeslots in the dominant market area. KFSM has traditionally led in the entire DMA, which includes Fort Smith and two counties in Oklahoma, while KHOG usually leads in Northwest Arkansas." Remodels

KSLA, Channel 12 in Shreveport has updated its website with a new look. To me the site is more user friendly versus the old version. still leads the way in offering online video of news stories. I guess KSLA wanted to get a jump on KTBS who is expected to launch a revision of its website here pretty soon.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another Anchor Flies the Coop at KTAL;KTBS Bringing Video to the Web

ATN told you first about a month ago Shawn Patrick would be leaving the anchor desk at KTAL in Shreveport. His pic and bio has been taked off the station's website. The tipster said Patrick left for KUSA/Denver.

> Also a tipster says KTBS will soon be debuting a new website complete with online video

A New Set for KARK?

When the new graphics debuted on KARK talk quickly started about how KARK needs to make some set changes. Well, ATN hears that those changes will be coming soon. BUT we are told NOT to expect drastic changes, just tweaking to match the graphics.

More on "THV2"

Arkansas interviews KTHV General Manager Larry Audas about "THV2". Here's an interesting excerpt from the article:

"Right now, THV2 is linked up to the station’s weather computers to continuously offer up-to-date temperatures and forecasts, and news footage is alternated in and out in order to stay as current as possible. There is no live programming available on THV2, but it might not be far away.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the development here. We’re going to have a lot of potential and opportunity to make this a local go-to source,” Audas said.
For example, if the station breaks into CBS programming to pass along breaking news, KTHV can eventually make the call to go back to regular programming but keep reporting live on THV2."

Thursday, March 02, 2006

KLRT on the Hunt for a Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter

Looks as though KLRT is on the hunt for a Full-Time Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter. Since I don't receive KLRT down in LA ( Lower Arkansas) I don't know much about 16's news operation to know if this a new position or a replacement.