Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NWA Station Names Digital Sales Manager

KHBS/KHOG Sarah Landau has been named Digital Sales Manager for KHBS/KHOG-TV, the Hearst Television Inc. ABC and CW affiliates serving the Fort Smith and Fayetteville, Arkansas television market. Landau will oversee all local digital sales for 4029tv.com, 40/29’s mobile platforms and all other associated digital properties.  

“Sarah Landau is a leader.  Her knowledge of broadcast and online advertising, and her ability to translate those opportunities to our team and our clients, makes her the perfect fit for this position,” said KHBS/KHOG-TV and The Arkansas CW President and General Manager, Brian Sather. “Sarah embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence and I have every faith this will translate into results for both the station and our clients,” added Sather.


“Sarah has already proven herself as a leader on our sales staff”, said Chad Happersett, KHBS/KHOG-TV and The Arkansas CW General Sales Manager. “Her customer engagement is excellent, and I’m confident as our new DSM she will lead our digital sales effort to new heights.”

Fort Smith Station and Cox Cable Fighting to the End

Ah yea, here we are again with a tv station battling a cable company over retrans fees.  KFSM/Channel 5/Fort Smith is in a fierce fight with Cox Cable.  The deadline is midnight tonight (April 30). Below is an excerpt of a notice the channel has on its website:

Cox will tell you we are asking for outrageous increases, but that’s simply not true.  In fact, just pennies of your monthly bill goes to pay for KFSM on Cox Cable.
Cox says they are “fighting for you”.  Fighting so hard that they seem to think you should pay $60 to $150 per month for dozens of channels you’ve never heard of and will likely never watch.
Cox also suggests that you can watch us free, over the air.

We agree! 

If you have difficulty, our friends at http://www.antennasdirect.com have several cost-effective options to help.  Providers like DirecTV and Dish Network, who recognize the value of local news, weather and information on KFSM, also have great opportunities for new customers.
Ask yourself how many times you’ve watched AMC, Spike TV, CNBC, VH1, MTV, Animal Planet, E!, SyFy, C-Span Country Music Television, Bravo, or BET in the last month.  Then tell Cox that you just don’t want to pay for the channels you don’t watch anymore!
Cox tries to scare you by using percentages to describe our disagreement.  Have they told you that they pay TWO THOUSAND PERCENT more for ESPN than they do for KFSM?
Cox and other cable  providers collectively pay billions for stations like ESPN, TNT, TBS, USA and Fox Sports, which is why you can’t watch many college and pro sporting events anymore unless you have cable or satellite.  We just can’t compete with these big behemoths.

We’ll continue to do our best to be your source for the best local news, weather and entertainment – and yes, we’ll provide it free, over the air.

But if Cox is going to force you to take dozens of channels you DON’T watch, the least they can do is make sure that you continue to receive the ones you watch most.

Monday, April 29, 2013

KATV Tops in February Sweeps

Arkansas Business.com reports KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock swept the February sweeps. KATV won every local news time slot. For the most part KTHV came in second and bringing up the rear, KARK.  KATV General Manager Mark Rose tells Arkansas Business, “We had an excellent book. “I think our continuity with our people, with our product makes a lot of difference.”  

You will find all the numbers HERE.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Man Attacks El Dorado Reporter

A KTVE/KARD/El Dorado/Monroe reporter was attacked Sunday night after leaving the studios in El Dorado.  The station says Brea Douglas was forced back into the building, held her down and showed a knife.  Two citizens heard the reporter screaming and came to help.  The station reports a suspect has been arrested and charged in the attack.

Hat tip Tv Spy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nexstar Expands its Presence in the ArkLaTex

It's official, two more Shreveport stations will become a part of the Nexstar Broadcasting Group family.  Nexstar announced today it will aquire CCA Stations.  KMSS/FOX 33 and KSHV/MNTV in Shreveport are a part of the deal.  Nexstar will now have 3 broadcast stations in the Shreveport market as it already owns/operates KTAL/Channel 6. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KATV Weather Guessers Get a New Home

KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock has a new weather center.  The new digs debuted Monday.  From what I could see this evening it features a lot more computer workstations...and more big screens.  I am not a fan of a weather man doing the weather pointing to a an oversized tv monitor.  It reminded me of seeing the KTBS/Channel 3/Shreveport mets doing that years ago.  Ned did finally make his way over to the green wall.   

Also noticed KATV had updated its music...or maybe it's just been that long since I've watched Channel 7 news....

New Director of Sales Named at Nexstar/Little Rock

From the tip jar:  KARK / KLRT names Chad Beckham as Director of Sales.   

Monday, April 22, 2013

Former KTBS Reporter Keeping the Fire Going After Being Canned

Former KTBS Crime Reporter Chris Redford is keeping the drama going after being canned MONTHS ago after reportedly violating the station's social media policy.  Check out his latest Facebook post to keep the fire flaming:

Friday, April 19, 2013

New TV Network to Originate From Little Rock

There will soon be a new tv network on the air...and it will originate from Little Rock!  Arkansas Business.com reports Soul of the South TV network will begin broadcast May 27, 2013.  The network will launch in 30 markets and will be carried in Little Rock on KMYA-TV.  The article says the new network will carry news as well.  Former Arkansas Supreme Court Judge Richard Mays is chairman of the Soul of the South network's board, while former CEO of Equity Broadcasting Company Larry Morton is chief strategic officer for Soul of the South network.


Seems KTHV has been some anchoring shuffling this week.  Evening anchor Dawn Scott was on the morning program Thursday....and now morning anchoring Alyse Eady is alongside Dawn for the evening newscasts.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Former LR Anchor Finds a Home in OKC

Former KARK morning anchor Wendy Suares is moving to bigger and better things.  Suares announced on her Facebook page she is moving to Oklahoma City to become the morning anchor at KOKH/Fox 25.  Suares was one of dozens of KARK/KLRT employees let go when Mission Broadcasting purchased KLRT/KASN earlier this year.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

KTHV Hires New Multimedia Journalist

TV Spy reports Marlisa Goldsmith will be joining KTHV/Channel 11/Little Rock as a multimedia journalist.  Goldsmith comes to Little Rock from  KRBC in Abilene, TX, where she was a reporter and anchor.  Goldsmith's first day will be Monday.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Storms Blew Through...How Did the Storm Teams DO?

Well it was the first major severe weather outbreak in Arkansas for 2013 and I well...missed the coverage.  I was curious to see the KLRT/KARK "Arkansas Storm Team" in action...and the weather teams.  I am asking for your observations. Please post them in the comments section.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Former Little Rock Anchor: Little Rock TV News Sucks

Former KARK Anchor Ron Gardner was recently in town and spent some time watching the local news scene and he isn't impressed with what he saw.  Gardner posted his recent observation on his facebook page:

..so now I've been spending some time in Little Rock and watching the local news programs in this capital city. Guess what? It sucks. The coverage of the recent oil pipeline leak just outside Little Rock is a classic example. What the local broadcasters have done, for the most part, is use statements from the EXXON spokesperson and in one case, an attempt to determine whether Sen. Jason Rapert and some others are totally in the pockets of big oil companies, simply let Rapert totally off the hook with a story under a headline saying the Senator had "cleared the air" about a Bill some people thought gave pipelines the power to claim a person's private land using the power of eminent domain. The Bill clearly says exactly that. It was exactly that. And not only pipelines, but pretty much ANY utility company. However, Senator Rapert told the tv photographer that it didn't say that.. so.. he "cleared the air." End of story. !!! Jesus Christ. Everybody involved in putting that sort of shit on the air should be fired.. from the News Director to the Producer, the Anchor who let that shit go into his show the way it did and the Assignment Editor, if one was involved, who sent that photographer out to get that statement with giving him/her a copy of HB1042 and pointing out the language they wanted the Senator to comment on. I suspect Sen. Rapert is more than smart enough to know that the kids playing reporter on local tv have no freakin idea what the Bill says and are not going to take the time to educate themselves about the subject "before" they broadcast their stories.

Now comes their comedian-turned-news anchor.. and a great guy.. a former friend of mine named Craig O'Neill who apparently does what they laughingly call "commentaries" on "issues." If you read the little commentary I've linked to here, I hope you'll realize what a joke it is. It points out that the ruptured pipeline is old. For a pipeline, it's really old. And that its a sign we need to improve our infrastructure. Period. It isn't a scathing indictment of politicans owned by oil companies who seem to find ways around regular inspections, etc. None of that. Just an observation that our infrastructure is old.

Now what cracks me up is that people who are loyal viewers of Craigs' "news" program will sing high praises of this meaningless observation as if it were a Bill Moyers indictment of ALEX. (look it up) It's shameful, disgusting and depressing and bodes ill for the future of our country when the local media does such a piss poor job of educating the people about issues, who their politicians are, what is happening behind the closed doors in the capital building, etc. etc. etc.

Instead they read emails from viewers or show us pics from Mable of the pretty flowers that are blooming on her porch.

No More News For Former Shreveport Reporter

Seems former KTBS crime reporter Chris Redford is getting out of the news biz all together.  Here's a post from his facebook page:  

Will no longer be doing news. God has called me to work with the area's homeless veterans. I've accepted a position as an outreach coordinator with the VOA (pending the background check & references). It's going to be a very rewarding challenge. It's time I start making a difference instead of just making a living. To all my friends I've met through reporting... y'all are the best!! To All the Law Enforcement Officers out there... Thank you for allowing me to show you off. It's been an honor I'll treasure forever. You all deserve so much more than you receive. Not one day goes by I don't thank God for your dedication, service and loyalty. You are truly my best friends. I'm a better person thanks to you. Everyone reading this has made a difference in my life and I'll forever be grateful and indebted. God is great!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ratings...or the Lack Thereof...

Just to set the record straight the reason I have not posted the ratings is because well I don't have the information.  Arkansas Business.com usually has them but they have not posted a story about it either.  So there it is....

KARK to Produce Local Political Program

This from the tip jar:  On Meet the Press there was a message at the bottom saying next week KARK will have a poliitcal program called Capitol View.  It stars Roby Brock and David Goins.  It will come on at 8:30am right before Meet the Press.

Friday, April 05, 2013

KARK/KLRT Weather Guessers Form 'Arkansas Storm Team'

Source: KARK Fox16 and KARK 4 have formed the Arkansas Storm Team, a partnership that will expand and enhance both stations' coverage of severe weather. Led by KARK Chief Meteorologist Keith Monahan and Fox16 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Baskin, the partnership will feature a team of six meteorologists. In addition to Monahan and Baskin, the team includes Greg Dee, Pat Walker, Natalie Walters and Steve Adamson.

"This is an unprecedented partnership," said KARK Chief Meteorologist Keith Monahan. "I'm not sure you'll find any other place in the country utilizing as many as six meteorologists at one time to ensure the safety of viewers."

"The partnership allows each meteorologist to focus on specific areas of expertise and experience," added Fox16 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Baskin. "With this many eyes on the storm systems, you can count on the Arkansas Storm Team to keep you and your family safe."

Along with sister stations in Fayetteville, Texarkana, and Memphis, the Arkansas Storm Team will boast the most experience, along with an ability to deliver live coverage from every corner of the state.

Fox16/KARK General Manager Mike Vaughn commented, "In the event of dangerous weather, we have a responsibility to provide the most accurate information possible in order to keep Arkansas families safe. With this partnership, we are able to provide this service with greater accuracy, and to a broader area."

The two stations will remain as separate broadcasts on a day-to-day basis. When severe storms with the potential to put your safety at risk move into Arkansas, the stations will then combine resources and begin simulcasting weather coverage on-air.

"The concept behind the Arkansas Storm team is a new way of thinking about severe weather coverage, said Fox16/KARK News Director Austin Kellerman, "During a tornado threat, you'll see KARK4 meteorologists on Fox16 and vice versa. We've decided to erase the lines and break tradition in order to serve the public better."

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Former Little Rock General Manager Opens Consulting Firm

Arkansas Business.com reports former KLRT/KASN general manager Chuck Spohn has opened his own public relations firm.  Spohn was relieved of his duties following Mission Broadcasting's purchase of KLRT/KASN early this year.  Spohn's Media and More Consulting is currently sharing space with the Markham Group located on  Third Street in Little Rock.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

THV Producer Headed to the Lonestar State

This from the tip jar:  THV  executive Producer Michelle Chism is headed to Texas.  She is leaving to become Asst. News Director at KVUE in Austin.