Monday, November 28, 2011

Shreveport Morning Anchor Bids Farewell

KTBS, Channel 3 Morning Anchor Sonja Bailes anchored for the last time this morning. Bailes is getting out of the tv biz as she heads off to the Bossier Parish School Board. KTBS reporter Rick Rowe sat down with Bailes this morning to talk about her 10 year stint as a morning anchor at channel 3.

FOX 16 Looking for a New Head Weather Guesser....

This was left a few days ago in the tip box:

Rumor: FOX16's Chief Meteorologist Jeff Baskin may be leaving the station. I saw a "Newport Television Career Connection Update" commercial during the 8:30AM half-hour this morning on FOX16 saying that the station is looking for a "Chief Meteorologist". Could this mean KLRT and KASN are looking for a new head weather person? We'll have to see...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shreveport Morning Anchor Hitting the Road.....

This from the tip box:

Jenna Zibton is leaving KTAL for

Jenna is currently KTAL's morning news anchor.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Will A Former Shreveport Anchor Make a Return Back to the ArkLaTex?

With the exit of Sonja Bailes at a former KTBS anchor on her way back to fill the gap?

This from the tip box:

Word is...Jody Lowery will soon make a return to KTBS.

Lowery is currently an anchor/repoter at Bay News 9 in Central Florida.

It's All About Sweeps....

Is sweeps over yet? I tell ya what this has to be one of the worst sweeps period when it comes to "sweeping news stories". Seems the quality of the packages have really went down hill. I am not talking just on one channel nearly all of them and I get both Shreveport and Little Rock channel. Just like one day a Little Rock channel promoted heavily on how it will feature a story at 10 about how crooks are using facebook to steal from ya. It was nothing more than a 20 second anchor read. Some were so horrible I can't even remember them. One channel promoted the abuse of food stamps...i tuned it every time they said they were gonna run the story but never saw it...Maybe I blinked my eye.

Besides the unusual "news stories" the average viewer should be able to pickup something is going on by the notion none of the main anchors are on vacation....and they are all dressed up when they usually wear casual clothes. Or when they all report news that doesn't happen in Little Rock. Will be glad when the sweeps are over and all the over the top "news stories" are finally done for another period.