Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There's a New Player in the 9pm News Slot in Shreveport

This from a tipster: Not that anyone noticed, but KMSS, Fox in Shreveport, expanded their 10 minute news at 9pm to 30 minutes to compete with the KTBS 3 9:00 News Hour. I actually tuned in and thought the program watchable. Actually better than KSLA is you ask me. Also, they went widescreen. Not HD it looks, but SD. Still though, they beat KSLA and KTAL to widescreen.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh How Great a Live Newscast Can Be....

Received several emails Sunday evening about apparent technical glitches during KSLA's late night news casts....here they are:

KSLA said their director's board is froze. They really need to start looking like a mid-size DMA market CBS station. This crap they're producing looks like something a station in Monroe would make. They need to step up.

Also, their met isn't on the green wall, just using a monitor behind him to show the temps and forecast. HOrrible looking news!! Only been on 6 minutes and they've taken 3 breaks! The humanity! lol

KSLA is having some major techinical problems during their 10pm news. Their picture is coming in and out, audio is switching from the met back to the anchor and their news reports have no video..all anchor...They keep saying "bare with us", but I just switched it to KTBS.

I tried to watch KTBS's weekend news but the anchor was just horrible. I can't believe they put this anchor on the air. It was like it was her first time to read a teleprompter. And you could tell she didn't write the copy. For a story that was suppose to start with.. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION....she just read it with no idea what she was saying...geez!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Kind of Stop....

I was just waking up this morning, turned the tv and flipping to find out the weather..then the graphic on KSLA, Channel 12, Shreveport caught my eye..BUST STOP FORECAST! I thought I was seeing things but that's what it said. How funny.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Channel 11's Motto...Just Do It...

KTHV did it before KATV.....that's right, Channel 11's morning news program now starts at 4:30am. Last week Channel 7 announced it would start its early morning news program at 4:30am starting September 20th.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Am I Blue...Yes It's Blue...

A tipster says KSLA, Channel 12, Shreveport, debuted its new HD set this evening. The tipster says its way too blue. Heck, I thought the set before was too much blue!

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow...

A tipster tells ATN KTBS, Channel 3, Shreveport, anchor Trish Williford turned in her notice and the bosses immediately pulled her from the anchor desk.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

11 First in LR Market to Air Local Newscasts in HD

KTHV has announced it will start producing its local newscasts in widescreen High-definition. Channel 11 has been the leader in Arkansas in High def programming

DayBreak Comes Earlier...

Get ready Arkansas, to get your day started at 430am every morning with the energy filled KATV's Daybreak. According to a news release Daybreak will begin its new show time September 20th. The bright-eyed Beth Hunt and Meteorologist Melinda Mayo will host and anchor the information filled newscast. God Bless us all!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A News Set You Can Count On.....

It seems KSLA, Channel 12, Shreveport is set to unveil a new news set. The station's anchors have been utilizing the station's interview set for its newscasts. It can only get better..heck the other one was too blue. The new news set will debut in a couple of days.