Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shreveport Stations Run with the Severe Weather Ball

...well at least KSLA and KTBS. It did bother me that the Met on KTBS was apologizing for breaking into programming to cover a tornado warning for the Linden, Texas area. Ron Young was on the air for awhile covering the lone storm trekking across Northeast Texas. KTAL, well they dropped the ball, just ran their crawl on the screen..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New News Director Named at KATV

Arkansas reports Nick Genty has been named News Director at KATV. Gentry joined KATV as Assistant ND earlier this year from KTHV.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Severe Weather Round??????......

Looks as though all the Little Rock tv station mets will be busy this evening/night. The cable is out here where I live and I am having to watch online.....Tom Brannon has joined Ed Buckner and I guess Merideth and Tracy Beane are helping at Channel 11......On KATV Todd and Barry are on the air and at Channel Mike and Greg I think is manning the weather center. Hey KATV, you've got on annoying hum in your online streaming and the audio is very distorted and you sound like you are in a fast food place..... Guess I will flip between Channel 11 and Channel 4 online.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tracking Storms on a Sunday Afternoon...

Was KARK the only station going wall to wall with severe weather coverage as tornodo warnings were issued for parts of north Arkansas? KATV and KHTV stayed with regular programming. Looks like Channel 7 is now covering the doubt NBA fans aren't gonna be happy as the playoffs are suppose to be on the air. How long will they stay with it....

Merideth Mitchell now on, on Channel 11...she seems lost.

245: Ed finally arrived a few minutes ago. 11 is my choice for severe weather but come on, put a METEOROLOGIST on the air during severe weather.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Severe Weather Coverage...Winners and Losers...

Well it looked like all the Little Rock stations were on the ball Tuesday night as severe storms pounded the state. All the Little Rock stations had their weather teams in place providing wall-to-wall coverage as the storms mached across the state. Will say Channel 11 needs to give Ed some help. Some times it to the point he just loses his voice with no one to fill the gap. Like I said the other day, KTHV needs to hire another met that is strong in severe weather to bring in and help Ed.

The losers were the Shreveport stations....come on guys! A tornado is blowing its way across SouthWest Arkansas...and quite frankly you didn't give a damn! Sure you had your crawls across the screen but a tornado warning warrants coverage to let viewers know where it is...where it is going. You dropped the ball..all of the Shreveport stations did!!

Master Control Asleep?.....

This from a tipster:
Somebody at KTAL is asleep at the wheel. They reran an entire episode of Wheel of Fortune Monday had already aired last Monday. Looks like no one there even noticed. Maybe they should move control to KARK.

Preview of KARK HD News Set

From KARK's Face book page

Monday, April 18, 2011

KARK....Third in HD....

KARK officially debuts HD newscasts this Wednesday at 5pm!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tell Us Why..Please Tell Us Why.....

KTBS, Channel 3 Shreveport will be honoring longtime Shreveport TV anchor Sherri Talley during its evening/night newscasts. Talley was an anchor at the ABC affilliate since October 1994. Before KTBS she worked at KTAL, Channel 6. What is the reason for her leaving the station....I guess the little tribute package is meant to look like it was a mutual deal huh....

Are the Network Evening Newscasts Really Dead?

Aaron Barnhart with the Kansas City Star asks if the 3 nightly network newscasts are really dead:

Viewership for the four network newscasts has actually increased by more than 1 million since 2006. Yes, four newscasts: I have included “Fox Report With Shepard Smith” because the Fox News Channel, alone among cable networks, has a newscast of record and because it’s an option for viewers repelled by Couric’s so-called liberal slant.

Viewership over the half-decade has gone down at the two networks with female anchors and up at the two networks with male anchors. In fairness to Diane Sawyer, “ABC World News Tonight” lost a lot of its audience in the waning months of Charlie Gibson’s time there, and her audience has actually leaped up by 1.2 million viewers in 2011.

Even more impressive is the gain of 1.3 million viewers this year by “NBC Nightly News,” anchored by Brian Williams, who in 2009 took back the mantle from Gibson as the most-watched news anchor.

Read the full article HERE

And the Storms Roll On

Well it took a bit for the Little Rock channels to go into full severe weather mode. KARK had Brett Cummins on the air along with weekend met updating viewers. Todd and Ned were on for KATV, proving their skills. KTHV had Merideth Mitchell on for the first half hour or so..touch and go. Was quite strange, Channel 11 would be in the middle of severe weather coverage then all of a sudden go back to regular programming. At around 11..or maybe even 1130 Ed Buckner (who was suppose to be on vacation) came in and anchored coverage. Hmmmm, Channel 11 needs to invest in another Met that's capable of carrying the coverage when the main Mets are off/vacationing. All in all I would say Channel 7 had the best coverage tonight....KARK second..and sorry Channel 11 last...mainly due to thier slow start.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fort Smith Station Hopes Viewers Rise Before the Sun

KHBS/KHOG-TV is expanding their weekday morning news. Starting Monday, April 18th, 40/29 News Sunrise will start at 4:30am.

Anchor Derek Burleson, and Meteorologist Matt Devitt will be joined by a team of field crews who will be providing live updates of overnight news events, along with preview coverage of significant local news stories throughout Fort Smith, The River Valley and greater Northwest Arkansas.

“As the lifestyles of our viewers change, the news we deliver must change with them,” said 40/29 President and General Manager, Brian Sather. “Not only will our early morning viewers get local news earlier, but we’re adding resources to provide them more local news and weather,” added 40/29 News Director, Dawn Dugle.

Gone As an Anchor Can Get......

This from the tip jar:Heard from a reliable source that long-time anchor Sherry Talley from KTBS is Shreveport packed her desk up and left the building stating "she can't take this anymore". She's done this before and some say it may be a ploy to get more $$$ but those close to the source say KTBS management is cutting back & consolidating duties to the point that the strain is showing.
Stay tuned...

I have wondered what happened to her...and I am not impressed with the female anchor they picked to replace her with...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KARK to Debut HD Sunday Night

A tipster says, KARK is planning to go HD this Sunday night.

Can anyone down in Shreveport tell me why the Tim Fletcher Show is on instead of Good Morning America on KTBS?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weather Not a Fan of Soap Operas

I always watch Today's THV 2 when I'm at the computer and the news is on..and at noon today Tom Brannon read an email from a viewer who griped about him interrupting the Young and Restless for severe weather coverage. Brannon read the email on THV 2 while the broadcast watchers saw commercials. All I've gotta think is how big the can of worms is since the public has the ability to send emails to the news anchors/weathermen/reporters. I bet they get some interesting emails.

KARK Goes HD Next Week

Well I can't find the Facebook post right now but this morning I read a post on KARK's page that it will debut in HD next week. KARK will be the third, behind KLRT and KTHV, to broadcast local news in HD!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Shreveport Station Hoping Better Lead In will Boost Ratings

This from the tip jar: KTBS is moving Jeopardy as a lead-in into their 5pm news due to higher ratings than Inside Edition.

No Real News Leader in Little Rock

The February 2011 Nielson Ratings are out. Here's a summary:

> KTHV won the 5am hour
> KATV won the 6am hour
> KATV won the 5pm hour
> KATV won the 6pm hour
> KTHV won the 10m hour

Arkansas has the complete numbers HERE.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

More HD Programming Coming to Shreveport by Summer

This from a tipster: KTAL will begin broadcasting most syndicated shows in HD by July. HD News will follow soon after that.

Nexstar Throws the Ax

This from the tip jar: Nexstar is at it again. Today Nexstar officially announced it is laying off all of the Master Control Operators in Shreveport and Monroe, and shipping all of the Master Control operations to the hub at KARK in Little Rock. These newest lay offs take effect at midnight July 1st.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Couric Blames Local CBS Affiliates for Poor Ratings

Source: TV Week Katie Couric is hinting that she knows why her CBS “Evening News” telecast has struggled in the ratings. In an interview with The New York Times Magazine, Couric indicates the reason for her third-place finish among evening news broadcasts might have something to do with the local news lead-in on CBS stations.

Asked why she thinks her broadcast remains in third place, Couric responded, "I believe we were in third place for 13 years before I got here, and I think habits, particularly with an evening news broadcast, move at a glacial pace. And I think that local news stations have something to do with it."

But Couric backed off when asked whether she meant local affiliates weren't providing a strong enough lead-in. "Some people have said that local news is really important in terms of lead-ins,” she said. “I haven’t really analyzed that. I’m just saying what I’ve read or some of the theories about it."

KLRT Goes HD Today

A tipster left this in the tip jar: KLRT Fox 16 News goes HD today (Tuesday 4/5/11) at 5PM!
Pics from

Monday, April 04, 2011

New Weather Guesser on the Job in Shreveport

This from the tip box: KSLA, Channel 12 has a new Met, his name is Kevin Roth.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

NWA Stations Dominate the Small Market AP Awards

Small Market TV Station Market

SWEEPSTAKES: KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville.

SPOT NEWS: 1, Staff, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "Cincinnati Tornado 5 PM;" 2, Staff, KFSM, "Deadly Tornado in Cincinnati 12/31/2010."

NON-SPOT NEWS: 1, Jo Ellison, Kenny Knutson, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "Man Hole Burglars." No second place awarded.

ENTERPRISE/INVESTIGATIVE: 1, Diana Davis, Laura Gunter, KAIT, Jonesboro, "Co-sleeping Baby Dangers." No second place awarded.

ELECTIONS: 1, Staff, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "November 2, 2010, 10 PM;" 2, Kyle Cabodi, Staff, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "Lincoln Ad Truth Test 10 PM."

FEATURE: 1, Mitch Roberts, Brandon Hartung, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "Family Meets for the First Time;" 2, Mallory Cooke, David Strassle, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "Santa Mail Carrier;" Honorable Mention, Robert Boyd, Brandon Hartung, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "Missionaries Return Home from Haiti."

DOCUMENTARY: 1, Diana Davis, Laura Gunter, KAIT, Jonesboro, "Bus Accident Anniversary;" 2, Staff, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "Caves of NW Arkansas."

CONTINUING COVERAGE: None awarded because of lack of entries.

SPORTS COVERAGE: None awarded because of lack of entries.

SPORTSCAST: 1, John Engleman, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "December 31, 2010;" 2, Mark Lericos, Derek Burleson, John Laws, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "Friday Night Frenzy 10 PM."

WEATHER: 1, Garrett Lewis, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "March 31, 2010, 10 PM;" 2, Drew Michaels, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "Super Dopler Forcast 5 PM."

SPOT PHOTOGRAPHY: None awarded because of lack of entries.

NON-SPOT PHOTOGRAPHY: 1, Brett Rains, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "Veterans Day 5 & 6 PM;" 2, Diana Davis, Laura Gunter, KAIT, Jonesboro, "Co-sleeping Baby Dangers."

NEWSCAST: 1, Patrick Clark, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith, "News at 10 PM;" 2, Staff, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville, "March 31, 2010 6 PM."

WEBSITE: 1, Alicia Agent, Jessica Brogdon, KFSM, Fort Smith-Fayetteville,; 2, Staff, KHBS-KHOG, Fort Smith,

Little Rock Stations Acknowledged in AP Awards

Source AP: Here's the complete list of winners in the AP awards.


All of this year's winning stations are in Little Rock.


SPOT NEWS: 1, Staff, KTHV, "Albert Pike Flooding;" 2, Kelly Dudzik, Chance Horner, KLRT, "West Memphis Shooting;" Honorable Mention, Staff, KTHV, "Air Evac Crash."

NON-SPOT NEWS: 1, Ashley Blackstone, Kenny Reynolds, KTHV, "It's Gone;" 2, Kelly Dudzik, Chance Horner, KLRT, "Royal Oaks Apartments."

ENTERPRISE/INVESTIGATIVE: 1, Pamela Smith, Mark Farrell, KATV, "Weather Radio Tower Down;" 2, Pam Baccam, John Young, KTHV, "The Courage of Charleston;" Honorable Mention, Craig O'Neill, Kenny Reynolds, John Young, Nick Genty, Kelly Tibbit, KTHV, "The Great Hang Up."

ELECTIONS: 1, Mark Farrell, KATV, "U.S. Senate Debate;" 2, Staff, KTHV, "Coffee with the Candidates."

FEATURE: 1, Liz Massey, David Craft, KTHV, "Hope Outdoors;" 2, Christina Munoz, KATV, Frozen Woman.

DOCUMENTARY: 1, Ebone Monet, John Young, KTHV, "Kipp Delta;" 2, Ashely Blackstone, Kenny Reynolds, KTHV, "Cold Case Solved: Goldie Thornsberry."

CONTINUING COVERAGE: 1, Staff, KTHV, "Air Evac Crash;" 2, Kelly Dudzik, Chance Horner, KLRT, "Murder Escapes/Captured."

SPORTS COVERAGE: 1, Morgan Adsit, KLRT, "No Boundaries;" 2, Charles Crowson, Kenny Reynolds, KTHV, "Two in Three Strokes;" Honorable Mention, Chris Scott, KATV, "Hogs in the Rock."

SPORTSCAST: 1, Steve Sullivan, KATV, "Oct. 22, 2010, 10 PM;" 2, Morgan Adsit, KLRT, "December 24, 2010."

WEATHER: 1, Ed Buckner, KTHV, "Today's THV Weather;" 2, Todd Yakoubian, KATV, "August 8, 2010."

SPOT PHOTOGRAPHY: 1, Larry Potter, KATV, "Pine Bluff Standoff;" 2, Chance Horner, KLRT, "Truck in House."

NON-SPOT PHOTOGRAPHY: 1, Kenny Reynolds, John Young, Nick Genty, Kelly Tibbit, KTHV, "The Great Hang Up;" 2, Kenny Reynolds, KTHV, "It's Gone.;" Honorable Mention, Kenny Reynolds, KTHV, "Damien Echols."

NEWSCAST: 1, Candi Carney, KLRT, "Murderer Escapes/Captured - 10 PM;" 2, Staff, KATV, "December 14, 2010."

WEBSITE: 1, Staff, KTHV,,; 2, Scott Munsell, KATV,

Channel 11 Picks Up Several AP Awards

Today's THV won several Associated Press Awards recently. According its website the station won awards for the following:

  • Spot News, Staff, "Albert Pike Flooding"
  • Non-Spot News, Ashley Blackstone, Kenny Reynolds, "It's Gone"
  • Feature, Liz Massey, David Craft, "Hope Outdoors"
  • Documentary, Ebone Monet, John Young, "Kipp Delta"
  • Continuing Coverage, Staff, "Air Evac Crash"
  • Weather, Ed Buckner, "Today's THV Weather"
  • Non-Spot Photography, Kenny Reynolds, John Young, Nick Genty, Kelly Tibbit, "The Great Hang Up"
  • Website, Staff,
The station also won the Associated Press Sweepstakes Award for the most award winning stories in 2010 in its class.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Audas to Head North Carolina Station

As reported here first...KTHV General Manager Larry Audas announced he is leaving the station today. Arkansas reports Audas will be moving to Greensboro, North Carolina to head Gannett owned WFMY.

Pic from