Saturday, May 27, 2006

Goodbye Letter From Charles Salser

This from the 20/49 website:

"To You the Viewers-

My tenure here at 40/29 has been incredible and extremely memorable. You the viewers have been so warm to me and my family over the years, and for that we cannot say thank you enough. It has been a tremendous joy working to keep the public safe from severe storms, speaking to schools, civic groups and local church organizations.

I will especially miss the annual Camp Barnabas Golf tourney in Holiday Island to benefit special needs children. I will miss reporting to you the weather and the summer backyard weathers. I never knew what to expect, but boy were they fun! I remember a few of those distinctly: the one where my cables hung up on the outdoor hammock and live on television I flipped upside down; it was hilarious! And of course, the time where my camera man and I jumped into the pool on a hot summer afternoon. And you the viewers, the "Oh, you are taller than I thought you were," and the "Wow, you are thinner than you look on television" comments. My smile was driven each day by a genuine passion and love for my work, but more importantly, the fact that I was making a difference in your lives.

I will miss what makes this area so great, and that is walking into a coffee shop or restaurant and having people smile at you, call you by name and say thanks for the weather today!

You may be wondering why I am leaving you; well it's all for good I assure you. I have accepted a position as Lifegroups Pastor for LifeChurch in Oklahoma City. There, I will be working for the people just like I have here at 40/29, only this time trying to keep them safe from the storms of life.

Behind the scenes, I have been working my way through seminary, while working on staff at my local church here in town. Finally, after nearly ten years of wrestling with the call to ministry, I have humbly accepted.

I leave you and in the extremely capable hands of Drew Michaels, an excellent meteorologist, a good friend and a great guy who loves the area and its viewers. Again, thank you for your hospitality, for your trust and most of all, your loyalty.

May God bless each of you; maybe someday our paths will cross again?

P.S. Pastor Ronnie Floyd left me with a memorable quote that I would like to share with you: "Believe that it is so, even when it isn't so, in order for it to be so,"

I think that's the essence of faith!

Charles Salser

KNWA and Elkins Could Not Agree on a Contract

In a note on his Arkansas Tonight website, Don Elkins mentions why he left KNWA:

"Yep, it's true. My last night on-air was the 24th. We couldn't agree on a contract terms, so we're parting. I'm considering my options right now, and hope to return to the air before too much more time passes. I appreciate the kind words since yesterday. Thanks again."

KATV in Denial Over Losing Sullivan?

This from an e-mailer: "Apparently, KATV is pretending they still employ Kate Sullivan, because I've seen a promo featuring Scott Inman and Kate Sullivan at least four times this past week. Perhaps they are in denial about losing her?"

Friday, May 26, 2006

Elkins Gone

I have received several e-mails from TV viewers in Northwest Arkansas letting me know Don Elkins is gone from KNWA. It was reported last month that Elkins would be leaving, but many had thought he'd stay til the end of June. One e-mailer says Neile Jones solo'd Thursday night with no mention of Elkins and the newscast intro has been edited. Another e-mailer says Elkin's bio and pic has been taken down off the KNWA website.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sorry about the lack of posts the last number of days. Been working...working... working. One of my full time jobs will end the first of June and I should be getting things in order to blog everyday!

Hankins Takes Shots at THV's Competition

Arkansas Business Publisher and KTHV Business Contributer Jeff Hankins blogged the election returns last night. And he didn't hesitate one bit slamming THV's competition. Below are a couple of blogged items from last night:

> "A reporter for Fox 16 just ended a live segment by saying: "Live from, uh, where am I? (He turns to look at the campaign sign) From the Bill Halter campaign party...."

> "KARK Channel 4 is crawling election results tonight, but the burning question is: how are they getting results?

The station isn't a member of The Associated Press, and the Secretary of State's office Web site is way behind with very little posted."

Friday, May 19, 2006

KTVE/Monroe Looking for New Anchor Reporter

According to KTVE's website, they are looking for an anchor for the the 5, 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts. Is Jennifer Andrews leaving? She has been in Monroe for a number of years.

Broyles New Weekday Anchor for KFSM?

This from the tip box: "The rumor that Jared Broyles (kfsm weekend anchor) will be the one who replaces Tim Malone is looking more and more probable. Jared has anchored the past two nights in a row with Bridget."

New South Arkansas Reporter on the Air for KTVE/Monroe

This from the tip box: "Hilarie Courtney started earlier this month as the south Arkansas reporter for NBC 10 News out of Monroe, she is based in El Dorado and replaced JR Stone."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Former KTHV Weekend Anchor Arrested

Well it looks as though we now know what has happened to Win Noble. THIS article from Arkansas says he was arrested Thursday on third-degree domestic battery. He is accused of striking his girlfriend.

ALSO the article confirms from KTHV execs that he is gone from the station. KTHV News Director Mark Raines confirmed his departure to and says, "“We’re still rotating several anchors through the anchor chair on the weekends, but we’ll get a replacement in their soon, though.”

Read the complete article HERE.

DANG! KTHV even is running a story about the incident.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

KTAL's Chief Met 'Shopping Around'?

I really hope this 'tip' I received today is not true as I think KTAL Chief 'Met' Todd Warren is the best in the Shreveport market.

This from the tip box: "Buzz around Shreveport is that Todd Warren's contract is up and he is job hunting? have you guys heard any of this? Wouldn't it be awesome if OTHER station in Shreveport could snatch the best weather guy away?I have heard from insde sources that he is in fact searching."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Former KATV'er Getting the Axe in Boston

According to Newsblues, former KATV anchor Chris May is getting the axe at WHDH in Boston, Mass. Newsblues says May's contract is up in three months.

Maybe a Little Rock station could woo May back!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Former KARK'er Looking for Her Next Gig

From "While WFLD-Channel 32 continues to audition new weather forecasters to replace her, Michelle Leigh is busy working out the remainder of her contract on "Fox News in the Morning."

"I want to thank you, my viewers, and the Fox family for a fantastic five-year run here in Chicago," Leigh wrote to fans Tuesday.

"I plan to be on the air until sometime in June. I sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support, and no matter where I go, I will always think of Chicago as my home. The letters posted by my viewers [at] have touched me deeply. I will keep you informed via my Web site:"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Noble Still Singing

This from Wednesday's ADG's Paper Trails: "Spotted last Friday night singing lead vocals with his band, the Starless Allstars, on the patio at Nu Lounge? Former (?) KTHVTV Channel 11 weekend anchorman Win Noble. The band performs again this Friday at Juanita’s."

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Micheals Promoted to Chief Met at KHBS/KHOG

This from a tipster: "Drew Micheals as of Friday has been officially promoted to Chief Meteorologist. The search is on for a new morning meteorologist."

Michaels replaces Charles Salser who left to pursure a job in the ministry in Oklahoma.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

KFSM Hires New Weekend Met

This from the KFSM Weather blog: "KFSM has hired a new weekend meteorologist to replace the weekend evening position vacated by Meteorologist George Flickinger who accepted a job with KJRH in Tulsa, but will continue storm chasing in eastern Oklahoma and NW Arkansas for KFSM.

Meteorologist Kendra Kent will start in June 2006. Kendra graduated from Mississippi State University with a Masters Degree in Geosciences with an emphasis in Broadcast Meteorology. She's from the region and has family in Tahlequah. We'll continue to seek another meteorologist for our weekend morning position."

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's GMA in HDTV on KATV

This from an e-mailer: "Confirmed yesteday morning that KATV is airing Good Morning America in HD. Only the studio segements are HD, the news segment is SD as well as news footage (with colored pillars)."

Win Fights It Out to the End

It seems Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Paper Trails writer Linda Caillouet has the skinny on what went down that apparently got KTHV Anchor Win Noble in hot water. Here is what is in today's column:

"Paper Trails can now report there’s more to the story of KTHV-Channel 11 weekend anchorman Win Noble’s recent absence. While his profanity- and violence-laced blog apparently raised eyebrows with his bosses, there was more.

Noble’s recent behavior in public was also a concern. A manager working April 8 at an upscale Hillcrest bar and restaurant in a converted Beechwood Street bungalow confirms Noble was involved in a fight.

The manager says Noble and a regular who was a stranger to Noble ended up out in the street as others watched from the porch. The manager says she called police, but Noble left minutes before they arrived.

KTHV hasn’t had Noble on the air since the weekend of April 15, but his bio remains on the station’s Web site. Will he return? Station executives still aren’t talking."

Monday, May 01, 2006

O’Neill Does The Big Apple for May Sweeps

Arkansas reports THV Sports Director Craig O'Neill spent some time in New York City recently interviewing Bob Schieffer and David Letterman. says the reports will air during the 10pm newscasts this month during sweeps.

Mum's The Word

THV execs are still keeping silent about about the status of Win Noble. THV's business partner, Arkansas couldn't get the THV execs to talk about the situation. All Channel 11 ND Mark Raines would tell AB, ""I really have nothing to offer you at this point. It's a personnel matter and that's how it has to stay right now." Noble's bio is still up at, BUT we all know the bio on the website is the last thing to go.