Monday, January 30, 2006

News From the Ark-La-Tex

A few blog readers made these observations this evening:

> Heidi York started tonight at KTAL.

> "KTBS has changed up the openings some with some new music and such."

Additional: I caught the 10pm newscast on KTAL and Heidi York seems to be a solid anchor. Normally when an anchor begins work at a new station he/she goes through a period of not know exactly what's happening but she didn't stumble once at 10pm. Now I guess we wait and see if Patrick leaves and a new male co-anchor shows up.


At 3:21 PM, January 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wynonna Judd?

At 10:17 AM, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I caught a newscast the other night too. I thought she was down right smooth. Nice move on that one ktal..

At 9:05 PM, February 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she looks like kelly kopowski. a poor man's kelly koposki, that is. makes sense, because ktal is anything but rich.

At 5:07 PM, April 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed watching Heidi on KTAL, shed does a great job and is really hot.

At 5:38 PM, July 23, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is not even remotely hot.


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