Friday, July 01, 2005

Iler Heading to Phoenix

This from an insider:

For the last 2 years KPHO in Phoenix has been putting the pieces together to be a great station in the Phoenix market. After one of the best May books in a long time for KPHO it seems they are doing everything right. In the last two years they have hired a new General Manager and News Director. They stole one of the most popular anchors in the market, now they have hired a new Assistant News Director.

The Meredith Cooperation has hired Nexstar’s “Golden Boy” Rick Iler (currently News Director at KARK in Little Rock) to be the new Assistant News Director at KPHO. Yesterday Iler told his staff he had resigned. There is already talk that Meredith has hired Iler as an Assistant ND just to get him in the company and has plans to promote him to News Director as soon as something opens up within the company (Duh!).

Rick Iler is known for helping turn stations around. He is said to be a great motivator and can get the best from his staff. It seems that KPHO continues to make the right kind of moves to position them as the news leader in Phoenix.

DCG comments: Hmmm...this is what Newsblues reported weeks ago and I also posted it here and was asked to remove because it wasn't true. Hmmm........