Thursday, June 30, 2005

KARK News Director Resigns

This from an insider:

Nexstar’s “Golden Boy” Rick Iler, currently News Director at KARK in Little Rock announced to the station today that he was resigning his position as News Director. In a tearful goodbye Iler thank his staff for the great things they accomplished over the last four years. He told them he was grateful to have such a great staff and they were part of the reason he was able to move up and forward.

The announcement comes 3 weeks after they fired their General Manager. Iler reassured everyone that his reasons for leaving was one of a professional move and had nothing to do with KARK or Nexstar. There were rumors that Iler would be the new GM and many people believed today’s announcement was to name him GM. For several months rumors have been flying around about Iler talking to several large media groups about jumping ship. Iler told his staff that he was not ready to tell them about his futures planes until a later date. Iler will stay at the station until July 22nd.

Nexstar will have a tough time filling Iler’s shoes. It is made harder with the fact they have to tell their candidates “come to KARK were we have no General Manager, no Associated Press, we don’t subscribe to Nielsen, and by the way we will be off cable at the end of the year”. WOW, were do I sign? Knowing Nexstar like we all do they will drag their feet in hiring Iler's replacement so they can pocket his salary and at the last minute they will hire an inexperienced EP or ND and pay them $40,000. Good luck to the KARK Newsroom…