Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Peacock Peeved at Pax Makeover

Source: Broadcasting and Cable NBC Universal was not happy with Paxson's announcement Tuesday that it was morphing its network into something completely different and would be moving its Pax TV programming to the as-yet little-watched digital space. NBC is a one-third owner in the network.

"NBC Universal was not informed in advance of today's programming announcement issued by Paxson," said the company in a statement. "While we have no direct input regarding Paxson programming, we continue to disagree with the direction Paxson management is taking the company.

"Our concern is that Paxson's strategy will erode our financial investment and, in our opinion, is not in the best interest of any Paxson stakeholder."

"We are doing what is best for our company," Paxson President Dean Goodman told B&C before NBC issued its statement. Goodman says the move was to make its operating structure more efficient and its programing more flexible.


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