Monday, October 08, 2012

Gannett, Dish Reach An Agreement

Looks like Gannett, KTHV's parent company, and DISH have reached an agreement to keep Channel 11's signal on the satellite service.  According to a story on Channel 11's website a long term agreement has been reached.  The fee squabble stemmed from a fight over DISH's "The Hopper" dvr device and DISH claimed Gannett was asking for more than what it deserved for keeping some 22 of its broadcast channels on the DISH system. 


At 10:11 AM, October 16, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this little spat will encourage TV networks to come up with a more innovative way to garner their advertising dollars. DISH has done nothing more than provide the customer with a better way to watch TV, and I highly doubt they are all going to just roll over and go back to the way things were before AutoHop. A DISH coworker got me interested in the Hopper, and it is a lot of fun getting through my DVR playlist in about half the time. Maybe a little more Product Placement, ad execs???

At 10:46 PM, November 07, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will always be an agreement between the cable and satellite companies and television stations.

Also, could someone please make the "Please prove you're not a robot" thingy a little more difficult to read?


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