Friday, April 06, 2012

New Met/Reporter In NWA

Source: Press Release Brittany Bell joins KHBS/KHOG-TV (Channels 40 and 29) as Meteorolgist and Reporter in April. Bell will anchor 40/29 Weather at 5:o30, 6 and 10pm on weekends, report throughout the week and online at

Bell has worked as a fill-in meteorologist for WMC-TV in Memphis, Tennessee. Bell also served as Meteorologist for Mississippi State University’s digital broadcast, Campus Connect, and interned as Meteorologist for Memphis television station WPTY. Bell is also a severe storm chaser and Skywarn storm spotter.

A scholarship recipient from the American Meteorological Society and at the top of her class, Bell will graduate from Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi this May. Bell will receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Meteorology. Bell was recently selected as a finalist for the Mississippi Associated Press college weathercaster award.

“We are pleased to have Brittany join our team of award-winning meteorologists,” said, News Director Dawn R. Dugle. “She joins us in the middle of severe weather season, where our viewers will notice her commitment to keeping them safe during spring storms.”


At 3:33 PM, April 09, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TERRIBLE, desperate move as the 40/29 ship continues to sink. So let's see here...Both meteorologist Matt Devitt and Ross Ellet are both gone in a short time frame, leaving now Chief Meteorologist Drew Michaels with a rookie right out of the gate and a fill-in meteorologist going into the heart of severe weather season in Tornado Alley?? GREAT MOVE MANAGEMENT. You really think Drew is going to resign with that station after all this mess when the time comes? Unlikely.(Meaning their entire original weather team would be gone). News director Dawn Dugle is the main reason for the downfall of the station and the mediocre ratings they've been pulling in over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, she's holding the station back from becoming what it's truly capable of. I've heard from employees at the station that she is a NIGHTMARE to work and moral at the station is miserable. Dawn Dugle needs to go if that stay has any hope of boosting their ratings...I heard her job is already on the line and May ratings, might seal her fate...We can only hope.

At 10:47 PM, April 09, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Arkansas CW’s primetime ratings growth continues to demonstrate the appetite our viewers have for unique, hip, entertainment programming,” said President and General Manager, Brian Sather.

Why should they worry? They are driving everyone to the cw because it's unique and hip.

Oh I get it now...why watch 4029 news with Craig (my facelift is falling) and Angela (god i look tired all the time) when you can be unique and hip by tuning in to our other station.

At 7:20 PM, April 10, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bell is a very good hire. Getting someone new means a higher ceiling and greater room for rapid improvement. Give this girl a few months and you will love her.

At 1:00 AM, April 11, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone new means a higher ceiling and greater room for rapid improvement.

It's a harsh business to be in and ratings don't come easy in any market. By giving "this girl" a few months means absolutely nothing.

There are many viewers that watch your competition and to buck that trend requires everyone and I mean everyone you work with to make a commitment...if you goal.

It's not just about news/weather/sports. It also takes the commitment of the part-time people all the way up and beyond the gm.

It's not just about the "Best Local Newscast by the AP" because people see through that. Those people (the judges of a certain newscast) don't live and work in this market.

With that being said...good luck.

At 9:05 AM, April 11, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm well aware of the business environment, I'm a local meteorologist, and I took my licks as a newbie. Here is all I meant to say:
Hire someone with experience, and they will start solid, and maybe slightly improve. Hire someone with potential out of school, and they will start rocky, but make vast improvements, taking them way past where the "safe hire" would have ever gotten to.

Best of luck to BB

At 2:48 AM, May 21, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I FEEL SORRY for anyone who has to work under DAWN DUGLE.

Dawn Dugle is as UGLY on the inside as she is outside. She's EVIL, the most INCOMPETENT news director EVER, she treats her employees HORRIBLY, and she's the reason why 90 percent of KHBS/KHOG's newsroom staff has left.

A bit of advice for Anchors/ Reporters/Producers/Meteorologists, if you're looking for employment, and you happen to see the name "Dawn Dugle News Director" listed ANYWHERE, RUN as fast as you can and NEVER look back!

Believe me there's no amount of money listed on a contract worth working for Dawn Dugle.

I promise you'll regret signing any contract with her, I know I DO!


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