Thursday, July 07, 2005

No End in Sight for Schieffer's Run in the CBS News Anchor Chair

Just when will the CBS Evening News find it's new direction and anchor? Well no one seems to know, not even the folks at CBS. Current anchor Bob Schieffer tells Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Gail Shister he doesn't even know how long he will be at the helm of the newscast:

"Obviously, there has to be some sort of endgame here one of these days... . I've told them I'll do this for a while. Theyve given me no guidance as to how much longer it's going to go on."
Shister continues, "Initially, Schieffer, who survived an aggressive bout of bladder cancer two years ago, envisioned the anchor stint lasting two to three months. "Clearly, we've run past that. I'm trying to be supportive."

No comment from CBS about the premiere of Evening News' new format.

What that format will be is still very much a mystery to the troops. Some are pushing for multiple anchors, others for a solo replacement.

And just who is rumored to be in the running for the CBS Evening News anchor job? Former CNN anchor Bill Hemmer.

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