Friday, August 08, 2014

KARK Names New Morning Co-Anchor

KARK/Channel 4/Little Rock has named a new co-anchor for its weekday morning program.  Aaron Nolan will be joining Mallory Brooks and Greg Dee weekday mornings beginning in September. KARK anchor Matt Mosely announced last week he will be leaving the station to focus on ministry full-time.  

Here is the KARK press release:

Aaron Nolan will be starting his work day as little earlier as the new co-anchor of KARK 4 Today. Nolan returned to Little Rock and KARK-TV in 2013 as a co-anchor of the statewide noon broadcast “Arkansas Today” alongside Mallory Brooks. Nolan will now transition his anchoring duties to KARK’s 2-hour morning show and serve as a feature reporter highlighting “local news that matters” for KARK’s evening broadcasts.

“I’m really excited to join such a strong morning team with Mallory and Greg Dee,” said Nolan. “I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy working with them each day at noon. I look forward to spending even more time with them each morning.”

“Aaron has the type of personality and energy that should be a hit with morning viewers,” said KARK-TV News Director Austin Kellerman. “He’s an outside-the-box thinker who will bring new ideas to the table each morning. In addition to making sure you’re caught up on news, weather and traffic, I expect him to leave you with some moments you’ll be talking about later in the day.”

Prior to returning to Central Arkansas, Nolan anchored a one-hour 9 p.m. newscast at Nexstar Broadcasting’s KOLZ in Springfield, Missouri. Earlier in his career, Nolan worked at Nexstar Broadcasting’s KNWA in Fayetteville and spending four years at KARK-TV as a sports anchor and reporter for the popular “Razorback Nation” product. He’s a Maumelle native who graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in Telecommunications.

“This is my home. This is where we want to be,” said Nolan. “I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help my friends and neighbors get their mornings started each day.”

Nolan officially begins his new duties on Monday, September 1. He will replace Matt Mosler who recently announced he’d be transitioning into full-time ministry work with New Life Church.
Nolan is married to KARK-TV weekday evening co-anchor and fellow Arkansas native Ashley Ketz.

KARK-TV is owned by Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.


At 2:33 AM, August 09, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, KARK's weekend anchor Brittney Johnson should've gotten that position. When she was filling in for Mallory when she was maternity leave, she did an astounding job! I really think she deserves it more than Aaron. Don't get me wrong, Aaron is a good person and anchor. But, Brittney has been at 4 longer, and she a lot of experience!

At 10:38 AM, August 09, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess technically Nolan has been there longer since this is Round 2 for him. And two females co-anchoring a morning show, no offense to the ladies, but not sure that works and I don't think their personalities would jive much, just me though.

Perfect fit for Aaron though!! And sometimes it's more about that than "seniority".

At 8:14 AM, August 10, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think two ladies co-hosting a morning show is a problem.
Have you seen GMA lately?
What about the Today show?
Ever heard of Kathie Lee and Hoda?

At 5:28 PM, August 10, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathie Lee & Hoda is a segment of Today...the main team is of 2 guy, 2 gals.

Not sure of GMA, not my cup of tea personally.

At 5:17 PM, August 11, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great choice. 4 has a great opportunity to grab some audience with this move. The other station have opened the door.

At 7:07 AM, August 13, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny how when there is a posting about Channel 4/16, no one seems to care anymore. Kinda tells you where they stand now.

At 7:34 AM, August 13, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised that so few people have an opinion on the naming of Nolan as morning news co-anchor. Does this mean that most people agree its a good move?

At 11:41 AM, August 13, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've noticed there are less negative comments in here about KARK. The employees use to trash talk on here all the time.

At 2:59 PM, August 13, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me. Most employees think it's a dump now.

At 4:51 PM, August 13, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are proving my point. Outsiders like you say it but I'm not seeing it on here from actual employees.

At 9:34 PM, August 13, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of salary do the kark morning anchors make?


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