Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Networks Scramble Line-up To Accommodate President Thursday

Source: Cynthia Turner President Bush will address the nation on Thursday at 9pm from Louisiana. For the networks, that requires a little shifting of programs, including a season premiere. CBS will air the Survivor premiere on Thursday at 8p as scheduled, but will need to bump the two hour Quentin Tarantino directed CSI finale repeat from 9-11p. That will now air next Wednesday, from 9-11p. And that schedule change means the season premiere of CSI: NY will also be pushed back a week, now set for 9/28. ABC has scheduled a special edition of Primetime on Thursday night at 8pm, an hour-by-hour account of the government's reaction or inaction to the hurricane disaster. After the President at 9p, ABC returns with another edition of Primetime exploring the issue of our preparedness in the face of other catastrophic events. Fox's second outing of Reunion will be preempted, pushed back into unfriendly territory airing opposite the premieres of CSI and The Apprentice the following Thursday.


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