Saturday, November 08, 2008

Winds of Change at KTAL/Shreveport

This from a tipster: More changes at KTAL in Shreveport.

Old GM is gone (you should really bring back all those blogs that talked about him - just to give this some umph).

The new GM is from a Monroe station. First reaction was that he seems like an intelligent and nice guy.

There is also a new Sales manager - married with a baby on the way - and what a waste, because this man is hot.

There is also a new news director. This one may actually settle down here. She has some grey hairs, so maybe some wisdom will come along with her.

And the station is getting a complete overhaul. According to the meeting, the things that are being implemented now were things that we supposed to be done over the last 2 years - under the previous GM. Who knows why nothing was done? BUT, the sets are getting an overhaul - the lighting is being brought up to professional speed - the styles are being changed - new technologies are being brought in...

KTAL may be able to actually compete pretty soon.

People are very hopeful at the station. Everything is really feeling right.


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