Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cox Communications, Nexstar & Mission Broadcasting Reach Retransmission Consent Agreement

Source: Nexstar Press Release Cox Communications, Inc, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc and Mission Broadcasting, Inc today announced that the companies have signed a retransmission consent agreement for analog and digital carriage rights. The deal includes 12 Nexstar stations and 9 Mission stations serving the following Designated Market Areas: Abilene-Sweetwater, San Angelo, Lubbock, Amarillo, Odessa-Midland and Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas; Shreveport, La.; Fort Smith, Little Rock and Monroe-El Dorado, Ark.; Springfield and Joplin, Mo. and Pittsburg, Kan.

The agreement means that Cox customers in San Angelo, Texas can again enjoy KLST/CBS on Cox Cable. KTAL/NBC returns to the Cox lineup in Bossier City and Minden, La., as well as Magnolia, Ark. and Mt. Pleasant, Texas. KRBC/NBC (a Mission Broadcasting station) is again available to Cox customers in Abilene, Sweetwater and Snyder, Texas. Without permission from Nexstar and Mission to carry these broadcast signals, Cox was required to remove these channels from the lineups in the impacted markets last January.

“We are pleased to welcome these Nexstar and Mission stations back to Cox Cable,” said Pat Esser, chief operating officer. “We regret the inconvenience to our customers while we negotiated these deals, which will help keep cable prices reasonable, fair and competitive. We also thank our loyal customers who stuck with us through this challenging time.”

Nexstar Broadcasting Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Perry A. Sook commented, “As has been previously reported, Nexstar refused to grant retransmission consent without receiving adequate compensation. Although the confidentiality provisions limit Nexstar and Cox from discussing publicly the financial aspects of this agreement, we are pleased to have reached an economic agreement that is acceptable to both parties. This agreement encompasses all of the Nexstar and Mission stations carried on Cox cable systems. Going forward, we anticipate a mutually beneficial relationship between the companies.”

“We highly value the local and national programming that the Nexstar and Mission stations deliver to our customers,” said Debbie Cullen, director of programming. “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Mission and Nexstar, which meets all of our original objectives. The deal demonstrates that broadcasters and cable operators can reach terms that are mutually agreeable and in the best interest of consumers. Our innovative agreement provides for incremental value to all parties, while giving Cox the long-term rights to carry the primary analog and digital signals of the Nexstar and Mission stations.”

Additional from Arkansas A deal has yet to be reached with Comcast Cablevision in Little Rock, leaving the possibility that Nexstar-owned KARK-TV, Channel 4, could be yanked from the air when parties' agreement expires in December.

Brian Jones, regional vice president of Nexstar, has said that he is optimistic a deal with Comcast will be reached during negotiations next month.


At 9:54 PM, October 20, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that's good.But what I really want to know is if I were to go to work for KARK what should I know?

At 6:22 AM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What should you know?

Bo Mattingly runs both KARK and KNWA . . . . . .

At 7:16 AM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... don't go to work for KARK

At 7:40 AM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will, the Nexstar Wall is starting to crack. I'm no fan of cable companies, but this silly game of chicken between broadcasters and cable ops only punishes the viewers. I'm sure that Cox lost a ton of viewers in Magonlia, AR over this BS. I'm also reminded of January 1, 2000 when FOX pulled their O&O stations from Cox systems (and it was the day of the Arkansas Texas Cotton Bowl game). And before the era of locals on sat also.

Bottom line is that i have no problems with compensation, but the Broadcasters need to realize that the only people using OTA these days are HDTV/DTV viewers, the Elderly on farms, the poor, DX'ers, and Cable ops (not all cable co's get the "fiber") especially on rural systems.

At 8:27 AM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should know that you get to be in the presence of JANCEY SHEATS on a regular basis. That's reason enough to work there!

At 8:51 AM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of this has to do with the retransmission of digital and HD signals. I'm sure the compensation is minimal with the guarantee to carry multiple digital channels and the HD signal.

and oh yeah, Fire Houston Nutt!

At 1:23 PM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it! Everyone thought Nexstar would lose this battle, and no one can even say CONGRATS to Nexstar for standing up to everyone! You watch this - now more corporate owners will start going after cable companys.

At 1:49 PM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HD signal? Full Power digital?

We're talkin' Nexstar

"we've got you covered"
no hd
no full power digital
no AP wire
no nielson books
no NBC Weather Plus for the digital signal
and soon, no place on Comcast
(well, they'll still be on DishNetwork with RFD TV and 10 other Homeshopping channels on the cheap package).

Reducing KARK to the levels of KWBF, KJLR-CA and some fringe religious broadcasters.

Looks like KARK is going to join KAAY radio and the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock media's graveyard.

At 2:24 PM, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I checked the Neilsen Books didn't help stations cover the news. They just give them something to brag about.

And oh yeah, Fire Houston Nutt!

At 11:58 AM, October 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

KARK is making the final touches on going full power HD. When is Channel 7 going full power? Does it really matter anyway. No one is really watching it yet.

At 3:13 PM, October 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will believe KARK in HD when I see it. At least KATV is using their 5 watts to produce some HD.

Maybe when they grow up they will be more like KLRT and THV and not short change the HD viewers in LR.

At 6:41 PM, October 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

KARK is just going full power on their DT transmitor, but they still will not be able to air NBC's HD issues?

At 5:26 PM, October 27, 2005, Blogger The Salty Dog said...

If KARK has money to go full power HD, why not try to keep KNWA on the air first? That station is on and off more than a bathroom lightswitch.


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