Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pay for Play at Sinclair Stations?

Looks as thought KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group might be finding itself in the middle of a "pay for play" scandal.  FTV Live reports this:

Sources tell FTVLive that at the recent Sinclair corporate News Director meetings in Baltimore,  Sinclair CEO David Smith chastised the ND's at the meeting. 

As one News Director said, "Smith was crazy angry."

According to sources, it seems that around 30 Sinclair stations screwed up a pay for play story about Huntsman Cancer Institute out of Salt Lake City. 

You can go to any of the Sinclair stations websites, type in "Huntsman Cancer Institute" into the search bar and you will see a number of stories pop up.

Sinclair has a deal to shill for the Institute across their stations. This includes stories in station's newscast, in which the Institute pays Sinclair to run.


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