Monday, August 29, 2016

Shreveport Station Debuts New Set

KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport has unveiled its new set.  Below are some pics:


At 10:34 AM, August 30, 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a disappointment. With construction taking so long, I had high hopes of much more than basically sticking a few screens behind the anchor desk and adding a little length to the set. I guess the new floor took up most of the time.

Keeping the same desk was disappointing – after seeing the newer modern looking desk that Raycom has rolled out at other stations. It was like completely redoing the living room, but keeping the old worn couch. The orange and blue on the front of the new desk is very distracting. The orange is so bright that your eyes are drawn to it rather than anything or anyone above the desk.

The “new addition” to the side looks very small market. The faded color durra with the small silver panel outlines is very dated and small market. (Somewhat reminded of KTAL’s horrible Nexstar set across town.) I hope they don’t stand in front of the touch-screen monitor to read news stories very much. Doug seamed to do it a lot Monday. (Come on producer’s – think big.)

I was rather impressed at the monitor wall behind the anchor desk. Sadly, I thought it was very progressive for a Shreveport station to have such. (Remember KTBS’ failed four-panel monitor that has since been replaced with one.) The only thing lacking is how it is used. Either the lights are really washing it out, or the skyline picture is horrible. The foreground is very dark and the sky is very bright. Struck me as an iPhone snap while driving down I-20. I hope they find a better angle or better light photo to stick in there.

On Tuesday’s morning show. Shayne and Andria walked toward the camera in front of the new monitor wall. It was a larger market feel, but didn’t hit the mark. With some practice, I feel they could make this set feel like a lot more than the Shreveport market. Speaking of making it feel large-market. There is a jib camera in studio. Use it – correctly. It could be used for some good and unique shots.

With a little practice, KSLA has the potential to make their newscast look great. The question is - will they?

P.S. Use Nicolette’s talent better. The “Alert Desk” where she is tracking stories from across the world is useless. Try making the news hyper-local and you will attract more viewers. I would much rather hear about something in the Ark-La-Tex than on the other side of the world that really will not matter to me. Plus, that is what the national shows are for. And the dramatic “look what I just found” should be “what I just Googled.” It isn’t exclusive scoops.

At 1:12 PM, August 31, 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will KTBS and KTAL follow suit??

At 8:12 PM, August 31, 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there room for Doug's ego in that studio? Looks kinda tight.

At 9:47 AM, September 01, 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet KTBS will use that ugly red trade-show set until the particle board eats away.

At least KSLA has a somewhat professional looking set. KTBS' just looks old.

Those tv's and signs in the "Weather Center" make me laugh. "Internet Weather" what is this...1990?

That mess of a set that Nextstar uses at its stations should just be thrown out.


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