Tuesday, August 23, 2016

KLRT to Launch New Broadcast Channel for Women

Source: KLRT Press Release  Mission Broadcasting, Inc. and KLRT, the FOX affiliate serving Central Arkansas, announced today plans to introduce a new channel on September 1, 2016. ESCAPE: the nation’s first broadcast television network for women, will launch on channel 16-2 and reflects Mission’s organization-wide commitment to broadcasting excellence for local viewers and advertisers.

Commenting on the launch, Dennis P. Thatcher, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mission Broadcasting, Inc. stated, “Mission and the dedicated team at FOX16 have a strong history of serving the needs of the viewers and communities in Central Arkansas. Our plans to introduce a new channel on KLRT will expand and further diversify our local and network-affiliated programming with new exciting content choices for the benefit of local viewers and we look forward to the debut of ESCAPE in September.”

ESCAPE is the nation’s first over-the-air broadcast television network for women. This fully programmed network targets women with a mix of theatrical motion pictures and off net series, 24 hours per day 7 days per week. ESCAPE’S movie lineup includes titles such as Body Heat, Presumed Innocent, Fatal Attraction and Misery and Malice, among others. ESCAPE also features some of the greatest true crime series in television history including Snapped, Unsolved Mysteries, Forensic Files and more. Viewers may visit www.escapetv.com for the full programming schedule.


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