Thursday, April 03, 2014

Former KARK Reporter Passes Away

Source: KARK  The KARK family is mourning the loss of a reporter who graced our screen in the 70's and 80's.
Gene worked for KARK twice. He first joined the station in 1971 as a reporter and Night Editor/Producer. In 1977, Gene left the station to join the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office as Public Information Officer and Patrol Sergeant. During that time, Gene also flew on the traffic watch for Little Rock radio station KAAY.

Gene returned to KARK as the station's police reporter in 1981, where he remained until 1988. 

It was during this time that Gene started Gene Stewart Video. The business was a TV news clipping, media tracking and video production service in Little Rock providing copies of local newscasts, which Gene was still running at the time of his death. He was also working on plans for an internet radio station.

When contacted a few years ago about working at the station, Gene told us that KARK was "still in his heart and soul" and that it was a great place to work. Gene also recalled staffers saying "showtime" when it was time for a newscast to begin, and he said seeing KARK videos from that time period always brought back that excitement.


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