Friday, September 23, 2005

KTAL Kicks off Continuous Hurricane Rita Coverage

KTAL, News Channel 6 in Shreveport has apparently kicked off its LIVE continous coverage of Hurricane Rita. KTAL has its reporters scattered around the area ready for the storm to move through the area. KTAL is using some resources from KBTV out of Beaumont, TX. KBTV has relocated its staff to the KTAL studios. KTAL is also utilizing resources from KARK, Little Rock. As I type this KARK met Dan Skoff is on KTAL providing details on the track, the amount of rain expected, etc. I wonder if we, KTAL viewers, will see more of the KARK mets since KTAL is somewhat short handed with quality weather folk.

UPDATE: At 6:30pm KTAL anchor Lane Stone was joined on air by a KBTV anchor. Lane Stone just announced KBTV is carrying KTAL's coverage of Hurricane Rita. Also want to add, KTAL is the only Shreveport station offering LIVE continuous coverage at this time.


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