Friday, September 23, 2005

KSLA Mets Get New Toys

Just in time to cover Hurricane Rita storming across the Ark-La-Tex, KSLA's weather department is using the Viper Radar technology to track the storm. KSLA Chief Meteorologist Patrick Dennis reiterated several times during the weather segment at 10 Friday night, "You'll find this only on KSLA."

More Coverage Notes
Even though KTBS and KSLA have done good jobs covering the storm during its newscast time, KTAL is ahead of the pack with its non-stop coverage since 6pm Friday evening. The biggest advantage for KTAL is having the staff of KBTV and using that stations resources. And on anther note, while all the other stations, both Little Rock and Shreveport, covered Friday night High School Football, KTAL just kept on chugging along with Rita coverage.

UPDATE: 11:36pm KTAL just broke away from hurricane coverage for its high school football show.


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