Sunday, June 05, 2005

Jennings Has News to Report

Source: New York Post Peter Jennings will be back on TV whether he ever anchors again or not. Before announcing his lung-cancer diagnosis on April 5, the beloved ABC News anchor, who's now undergoing chemotherapy, completed all the field reporting on his newest, yet-to-be-announced documentary. It's an hour-long film being produced by Jennings' private production company, PJ Productions. Ironically, the subject is health care. According to executive producer Tom Yellin, it will wrap in two months and air on ABC this year as part of the "Peter Jennings Reporting" series. "I'm operating under the firm conviction that Peter's going to finish what he's begun," Yellin told The Post's Philip Recchia. Jennings, who must still add narration, was in his office on West End Avenue last week. "He didn't want anyone saying, 'Oh, we're so concerned about you, Peter' - though we are," said Yellin. "He wanted an update on the project. He was his usual, demanding self - whom we know and love." As to Jennings' health, Yellin would only say, "The Peter I met with yesterday is the same Peter I have worked with for the past 16 years."


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