Saturday, May 21, 2005

KLRT, KTHV Cover "Welcome Home Arkansas Heros" Ceremony

Both KTHV and KLRT out of Little Rock carried the event live. KLRT's coverage was simulcasted on the Arkansas Educational Television Network.

UPDATE: The audio of the event seems to be better on the KLRT feed. I am watching the KLRT feed via AETN. KLRT seems to have a direct feed of the audio while KTHV seems to have stuck a mic in front of a speaker.

Graphics wise, KLRT seems to have borrowed the LIVE bug of the Fox News Channel with the Amercian flag flying behind it. Down in the lower right, KLRT has it's FOX 16 Bug with another American flag with "Welcome Home Arkansas Heros" toppoing it off. KTHV simply has some lower thirds on the screen. Of course they are red, white and blue, with the 11 bug in the lower right and Welcome Home Arkansas Heros in the lower left. Written across the bottom is "War Memorial Stadium" with the LIVE bug.

UPDATE: KTHV was first to cutaway and get back to regular programming. THV wrapped up it's broadcast around 11:20am while KLRT is still at it. KLRT seems to have brought in the most reporters to cover the event. Liz Massey, Craig O'Neal and another reporter whose name I didn't catch, covered the event for THV. Not very familiar with the KLRT folks BUT they brought out the forces.


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