Monday, April 18, 2005

Viewers React to New KATV gma-Daybreak

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Well do you think KATV execs have gotten an ear full from early morning news viewers over the makeover of it's Daybreak morning program? Only a couple of anonymous viewer reactions have been received so far.

  • "I totally hate the new morning program that debut today on KATV Channel 7 out of Little Rock"
  • "Does anyone know if Julia Grayson hasa officially left KATV? Does anyone know if she went to another tv station? I dont get why KATV would can someone so beautiful as Julia? "

Personally I can say NUMEROUS folks have expressed their dislike for the Little Rock version of the The View to me. Sure people hate change BUT I think this was a drastic change that might blow-up in 7's face. Better start tweaking fast.

Send in your reaction anonymously via the tip link to the right under my profile.

UPDATE: 04/19 Additional comments received:

  • "I am very disappointed with the changes that KATV has made to Daybreak. Before this (hopefully temporary!) lapse in judgment, Daybreak was on in my home every single day for the duration - my routine would actually be thrown off in the event that the channel had been inadvertently changed. I will no longer watch KATV in the mornings - at least not before 7:00 am when Good Morning America begins.KATV, please fire whomever put together the focus groups that convinced you that this was a good idea!"

UPDATE: 04/20 Additional comments:

  • "What is Channel 7 thinking?? How does annoying Melinda Mayo even make the cut from the previous show? She should have been the first to be "reassigned". I used to think Steve Powell came across as "cheesy" when he first started but I like him and will miss him in the morning. Julia Grayson probably needed some fine tuning in reading the news but to totally boot her off is crazy."

UPDATE: 04/21 Additional comments:

  • "Well, KATV news director Randy Dixon said he wanted some "valuable insight and banter" in the new Daybreak/GMA format. I don't know about the "valuable insight" part, but there sure is plenty of "banter." I for one will not be watching KATV Channel 7 in the mornings any longer. For banter I'll go watch the hens in the chicken coop. For news
    and weather I'll go back to Channel 11."

UPDATE: 04/22 Additional Comments:

  • "I am impressed with the new morning show on KATV. I had heard it was going to be like the view, but it isn't like the view at all. I really like Beth Hunt. She brings a lot to the table. I enjoy the new format. I think it was time for a change in the morning. The other show was stagnet. I have read a few of the reviews on this site from viewers, and I disagree with them. I like how they get to the news right off the top."

UPDATE: 04/23

  • What did they redo? Other than replace everyone but Melinda nothing else changed about the show. It's still idiotic, but compared to the other stations it's the best there is for early morning local news. What a shame.


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