Tuesday, December 28, 2004

KTAL To Vanish From Cable One Channel Lineup

Come the stroke of midnight on December 31,2004 KTAL, Channel 6 will be history on Texarkana cable. T-town's cable provider Cable One will be dropping KTAL if an agreement is not reached between the two partys. Nexstar, KTAL's parent company, is demanding Cable One pay 25 cents per subscriber, per month in order to carry the channels signal.

Nexstar uses the defense that CableOne is owned by the Washington Post, one of the most powerful media companies in the United States. Ironically, the Washington Post also owns television stations, and their broadcast division shares our viewpoint about being compensated for carriage by cable companies.

Meanwhile Nexstar has been heavily encouraging viewers in the Texarkana are to drop Cable One and subscribe to either DirecTV or Dish Network. KTAL has the potential to reach some 25,000 subscribers via cable one.

A message on Cable One's website says the company is making alternative plans as the deadline nears. "While we remain optimistic that Nexstar will respond positively to our request to extend the existing agreement, we must move forward with other plans. We are making arrangements to provide AB switches for our customers that choose to continue to receive KTAL for free by using their antenna. Based on a quote from Nexstar's COO, Duane Lammers in the Joplin Globe on December 18, 2004, we believe this is the best thing to do." "I don't see a short term solution and long term, we're going to get paid DuanLammers,EVP/COO Nexstar Broadcasting Group


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